Saturday, July 31, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Summer of corruption -- The enablers of Charlie Rangel

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Summer of corruption: The enablers of Charlie Rangel: Malkin
9th Circuirt denies Arizona’s expedited appeal: Malkin
Congress passed law in 1996: contradicts pre-emption: Hot Air

Dems' $1.6B Tax Cut For Trial Lawyers: SAB
Trial Lawyers Poised to Destroy Health Care Company: GWP
Chicago: Where Criminals No Longer Fear the Police: PJM

Desperation never reeked so sweetly: Ace
SEIU attacks fellow union for concessions: RWN
Crist plumbs the depths of crackpottery: Malkin


Why Dems Need a $165B Union Pension Bailout: BigGovt
Clinton comptroller blasts public sector workers: Caller
GM's Free Advertising: CFB

Paul Ryan schools Ezra Klein: RWN
Illegal Immigration: the Truths We Dare Not Speak: Hanson
The Ruling Class Tosses Americans Overboard: AT

You’re Not Imagining It: America Really Is Less Free: RWN

Climate & Energy

'Global warming skeptics should commit suicide': RWN


Strange Dream: R&R
A Paler Shade Of White – The Journolist Conspirators: iOTW
Gibbs takes on Rush Limbaugh... again: WSJ

No Bias Zone: ‘Journalist’ Calls Tea Parties ‘Right-Wing Bloodfeasts’: RWN
JournoList, Shame of a Nation: We Know What Ezra Klein Knew and When He Knew It: BigJournalism
Lobbyists Give Millions to Dems As Obama Smears ‘Special Interests’: GWP


Buying into Britain's Debacle: AT
The Multiplying Mysteries of Creating an Islamic Center Near Ground Zero: Rosett
Attaturk Tattoos on the Rise in Turkey: TAB

The Two Faces of the Ground Zero Mosque: Ibrahim
Taliban Spokesman says They Will Hunt Down and Kill Afghan Informants Outed in WikiLeaks Documents: GWP
Berntsen: Cordoba mosque is a security risk: Times-Union


The Web's New Gold Mine: Your Secrets : WSJ
Apple tries to patent travel, hotel, shopping apps: CNet
Dell Responds To Crazy Story Of Nudie Pic-Stealing Tech Support Guy: Consumerist


Play this while watching Anthony Weiner's rant: YouTube
North Korean football team shamed in six-hour public inquiry over World Cup: GWP
The Funny Papers: Hope n' Change: AmDigest

Images: CNet
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