Sunday, July 25, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: The OFA Peril -- Ignore at our own risk

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The OFA Peril: Ignore at our own risk: Emerging
Diversity Consultant Throws The K-Bomb: LegalIns
Blago Trial: Winners and Losers: Kass

Reminder: Nikki Haley is a Secret Muslim Whore: RWN
Clarice's Pieces: Know When to Hold 'Em: AT
Bleeding Blue -- the Obama Gambit: Black Sphere


The Doctor Will See You Now -- Or Else: Doc Is In
Reid to Netroots: 'We're Going To Have a Public Option': AmSpec
Taleb's 10 Principles for a Black Swan-robust Society: AmDigest

Gender & Class Warfare--The Paycheck Fairness Act: Wolf
It’s the Uncertainty, Stupid: Blumer
Health Refom Already Hurting Consumers: Times

Climate & Energy

The CLEAR Act of Another Federal Land Grab: MorphCity
China questions review of controversial carbon program: CNet
A Dispatch from the Front Lines of the Great Green Push to Rule the World: CBullitt


Breitbart: Why No Politico, Or Bloomberg Firings?: Riehl
Checking in with the mother ship -- The real lesson of the 'JournoList' leaks: Post
Still Waiting for Apologies: LegalIns

WaPo finds waste in goverment: but only where it concerns national security!: WashExam
Young Voters Slowly Abandoning Hope & Change: Malkin
West Virginia: Drop Out Rate a Crisis? Or Not?: Gormogons

James Rainey: Breitbart Was Irresponsible for Doing What I Do All the Time: Patterico
Considering Elizabeth Warren, the Scholar: McArdle
Big Peace Exclusive Interview: Col. Allen West: BigPeace


The Man Who Would Stop the Ground Zero Mosque: AT
Rauf’s Dawa from the World Trade Center Rubble: McCarthy
Burka Bans Spreading, Though Shamefully Not in Britain: PJM

The 'unravelling relationship' between Russia and Iran: BBC
Canada Must End Affirmative Action: National Post
Morocco harassing Christians: Is our man up to the job?: Star-Tribune


Al Franken at Netroots: Bloated and Boring: On My Watch
Canadian CF18 Pilot Ejects Moments Before Crash at Alberta International Airshow: RWN
Chrome 6: What made the cut--and what missed it: CNet


Sarah Palin Does Not and Never Did Suck Toes, Thank You: On My Watch
Sunday Book Thread: Ace
Lawyer Says Saudi Man Who Boasted About His Sex Life On TV Wins Appeal: ABM

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