Monday, July 19, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: The Magic Number in the Senate

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The Magic Number in the Senate: Power Line
A People’s History Of American Moronitude: Crittenden
What do Bill Ayers and Van Jones Have in Common?: NewZeal

Exclusive: Sarah Palin's 2012 Ground Game: RWN
Moral of Obamacare: Taxes In, Doctors Out: LegalIns
Unions Holding Up Cash for Troops: RWN


Repealing ObamaCare is Just the First Step: BigGovt
Lost in Taxation: IRS Gains Massive New Powers: WSJ
So much for the 'frivolous' Commerce Clause challenge: Volokh

Remember the Pay-Go rule Obama Wanted? Neither does he: Greenroom
Roads to Ruin: Towns Rip Up the Pavement: WSJ
Illinois Pensions: Rob the Poor and Give it to the Rich: ChampionNews

Climate & Energy

BP, feds clash over reopening capped Gulf oil well: WashExam
Eco-Indulgences, Get ‘em While They’re “Hot”: CBullitt


Bob Schieffer: I Didn’t Ask Holder About the Black Panther Thing Because I Didn’t Know About It: Malkin
States with Stricter Gun Control Laws Are Less Safe: PJM
Former US-Based Jihadi Blogger Samir Khan Behind al-Qaeda in Yemen’s New Online Magazine: WZ

Why the Left is wrong to defend the Panthers: Adams
A War Amongst Ourselves: AT
The Ancien Regime Isn’t Going Out Without a Fight: Driscoll


Muslim Bus Drivers in England Refuse to Allow Blind Passengers and their Guide Dogs On Board: WZ
It's Okay to Kill Your 14-Year Old Muslim Daughter in Canada: NRO
Oh, the Humanity: Spectacular New Mall Opens in Gaza: TGM

What Happens If Things Go Really Badly? $15 Trillion of Sovereign Debt in Default: CalcRisk
Top Chinese Economist: Stop Buying U.S. Treasuries, Start Buying Gold: Insider
Unwilling British workers has fuelled migration, says minister: Telegraph

Single-Payer Hell: Cash crisis in Britain leaves patients lying on operating tables: BlogProf
Venezuela's 'revolution' is springing leaks everywhere: LAHT
U.S. Will Send $7.5B to Pakistan: BBC


U.S. dietary guidelines hard to swallow: Malanga
Twitter, Twitter, little stars: Maktoob
I'm From the Government and I'm Here for Your BMI: AT


Gee, What Do You Think Attracted Obama to This Ice Cream Shop?: Powers
Obama moves away from 'Freedom of Religion' toward 'Freedom of Worship'?:
Fabu Friday: Autumn People

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just read Nevada numbers on the race between Angle and Reid.

It appears MODERATES find Angle 'too extreme' for their stupid taste so they are going for ultimate brain-dead award and are supporting Reid.

Why are MODERATE VOTERS permanently stuck-on-eternal-stupid?

By the by; MODERATES, remaining stuck inside stupid is no excuse to keep your heads shoved-up Jon Stewart comedy canal.

MODERATE VOTERS screwed America with Obama, but their stupid wasn't enough for them- they are going to screw America all over again with more Obama.