Sunday, July 25, 2010

Filing a Zoning Permit for the Building Next to the Ground Zero Mosque

Bumped & Updated: bRight & Early comes up with an elegant solution, below.

Dear ACLU: If the Ground Zero Mosque represents a simple First Amendment issue, then so do these buildings we will develop on either side of it. On the left side of the Ground Zero mosque, I suggest we open this fine establishment.

And on the right side, I propose this worthwhile retailer.

Now, you ACLU communist crackpots -- it's our freedom of speech to put these businesses there, right?

Update: bRight & Early writes, "Doug -- There's no need for two buildings. You can just build one."

Inspired by: Mark Levin.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget a synagogue and Catholic church across from the main entrance.

Of must not forget bars, strip clubs and gay/transvestite establishments. Suggested names such as Mo's Hump, Camelsutra, The Lovely Goat would be most appropriate

Larry Sheldon said...


And across the street:

Anonymous said...

I want a vendor's license for the 100% all pork patties, to be served by scantily clad women only.