Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: The Post-Racial Sherrod -- 'We Must Stop The White Man And His Uncle Toms'

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Sherrod: 'We Must Stop The White Man And His Uncle Toms': Riehl
The Calculus of Racism: Doc Zero
Holder's DOJ Stands Firm Against Civil Rights: Caller

The Underfunded Twenty: NRO
Primary Target in Washington: AT
Obama's White House is 'Too White'?: AT


How to bankrupt a country in three easy steps: Kimball
Indeed, Fascism is Happening in America: RWN
Obama empathizes with the common man: GWP

Governor Christie, Your Country Is Calling: RWN
The Losers' Congress: NRO
You know you're in a depression when...: Insider

Climate & Energy

Who Cooked Paul Krugman's Brain: BlogProf
Left-wing Scientist Bails Out Of Global Warming Movement: Depot
Tell Me Whose Side The Red Estate Is On: CBullitt


Our Phone-Callin', Fact-Checkin' Leftist Media At Work: Ace
Journolist Trig Emails - All About The Story Line: LegalIns
More Racial Healing: Jesse Jackson Wants Black National Anthem: GWP

E.J. Dionne, a flagrantly dishonest left-wing hit-man: AmSpec
Final Report: RightOnLine 2010: RWN
Mr. Kurtz, when did you stop waxing the dolphin?: Blogmocracy

Warning: Do NOT link to these newspapers: RWN
“Objective” News Journalists: Let’s Coordinate For Obama: RWN
Paul Ryan Schools Chris Matthews: NewsBusters


Liars: Lockerbie release: So much for 'smart diplomacy.' So much for 'surprised.': Malkin
Man Jailed for 2 years For Ripping Veil From Muslim Woman’s Face…: WZ
Hayden on Deterring Iran: PJM

The Brothel Named Iran: Ledeen
Israel's Pressing Matters: Bussel
Protests of AZ Immigration Law Promised: CSM

Iran - The Existential Race Between Nukes & A Revolution: Wolf
The Web of Socialist "JournoListas": NewZeal
A Wish List for WikiLeaks: Rosett


Facebook Friends: Ace
Top Five Advertising Trends: Nielsen
Words and Expressions The Internet Revived, And Shouldn't Have: Ace


I Write Like... Everybody!: MOTuS
Obama snubs Boy Scouts' 100th Anniversary for... ABC TV's The View: CNS
Dawn of a New Epoch: FSM

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