Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Sneak Peek: Time Magazine Cover - Bin Laden Special Issue

Via @Koblin.

I'd prefer the real photo, no matter how gruesome.

Hat tip: TrendingRight.

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Old Fan said...

If a Republican President were in Office, the cover would read

"Unconstitutional Death Squads - The USA using dangerous Unilateral Military Assassinations on Foreign Soil"

The utter hypocrisy of this event has only vindicated the former Bush Administration even further - and the attempt to sell this as the Obama Administration wonder is becoming another ironic joke.

Obama and the Democratic Party campaigned endlessly vilifying the USA, the US Military, the Republicans for doing exactly what was done in eliminating Bin Laden. If Democrats had their way, there would have been no opportunity to take Osama. In fact, we even know Bill Clinton turned down taking this monster into US Custody twice, out of fear.

Today, we know Obama - Holder - Clinton - etc., all wanted to give the Terrorists the rights of a US Citizen and a trial in US Civilian Courts. They even won't allow the raising of a US FLAG down in GITMO - afraid of upsetting the captured terrorists.

'smart power' remains a big joke, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Egypt, Yemen, etc., are all burning wildly.

If Americans get duped by the death of Osama, into buying into more fraud in the disguise of "hope", it will be another tragedy. Osama's death will serve far greater in hurting the USA, then his monstrous life.