Thursday, May 12, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: The Amnesty Bandwagon Rides Again

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The Amnesty Bandwagon Rides Again: Malkin
This is Your Pawlenty Wake-Up Call: Kurtz
Mitch Daniels: He'd Call Dick Lugar!: JRubin

Does the White House endorse view that GOP is racist?: Toldjah
Why Not Herman Cain?: PJM
Boehner: Chris Christie, Mitch Daniels should run: Politico

Massachusetts: The Canary in the Coal Mine for ObamaCare: PJM
Walker on why WI jumped 17 spots in business-friendly list: Cubachi
LSU Students Chase Off Would-Be Flag Burner: Malkin


Hope: Health Care Compacts and Federalism: ProWis
Forbes Predicts U.S. Gold Standard Within 5 Years: HE
Federal regulators sue Arizona over union law: LV Sun

Union boss pay could have funded 265,000 workers: LUR
US Treasury: Winning The Future, One Math Failure At A Time: ZH
Is Your B.A. Really B.S.?: LegalIns

My Cousin Barack and our Obamacare Family Feud: Fox
High-End Real Estate = "Dead Money": ZH
General Electric’s Jeff Immelt–A Uniter, Not a Divider: RS

Climate & Energy

Newt's Support of Global Warming Goes Way Beyond the Pelosi Commercial : Lid
Green Fading to Brown: Power Line
Newt Gingrich: 'Al Gore hiding under a Phil Donahue wig': Depot


Tangled in Red Tape, Government Workers Look on as Boy Drowns: RWN
Not to denigrate our President’s speaking style...: Bookworm
Romneycare: Wait Times to see Docs Growing in Massachusetts: RWN

Why Newt Must Run: WklyStd (Huffington)
Wash Post’s Cohen: GOP Should Compromise… Like They Did With Slavery?: RWN
President Obama: “I’ll text you”: BC8

Walter E. Williams explains how unions scheme to keep blacks out of high-paying jobs: DC
Schakowsky: Young people felt like America was ‘kind of a loser’ until after OBL ‘murder’: DC
Every day, another poke in the eye: PRS


The Real Jihad: Dry Runs and Probes: GoV
So How Much Does an F-35 Actually Cost: BlackFive
Preview of Democrat Plans: Ireland plans pension fund grab: AT

Was Seal Team Six “Diverse”?: Discriminations
Homeland Insecurity Provides Triggers For IED's : JWF
Court Ruling: U.S. Terror Victims Beat DOJ in Claiming $5M of Hamas Funds: PJM

Sen. Inhofe Spills His Guts About Bin Laden's Spilled Guts : Lid
Federal Judge Orders FBI to Answer Questions About Missing Oklahoma City Bombing Videotapes: BMW
Will SlutWalk now target the Peace Corps?: Wizbang

House Panel Votes to Limit Obama’s Authority to Reduce Nuclear Weapons Arsenal: WZ
Calls for nationwide ‘unity’ protests in Egypt amid fears of sectarian conflict: Al Arabiya
3-year-old girl kidnapped at gunpoint found unharmed in Mexico: LVSun


How MSFT Caused the DotCom Bubble and why their Skype ‘Hail Mary’ is irrelevant: Ritholtz
Why Google Does Not Own Skype: Wired
Ralph Langner on Stuxnet, copycat threats (Q&A): CNet


In a galaxy not so far fetched: Sondrakistan
Comprehensive Immigration Reform: WTF Now!?: MOTUS
Just 42 years ago: Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance: C&S

Image: NPR: New York Man Posts 'Bomb Making' Lawn Sign To Protest New Mosque
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