Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Super: Speaker Boehner Wants to Nominate Another Maverick

As if you needed more proof that we need a new House Speaker, the barely coherent John Boehner has endorsed the John McCain-like RINOs Mitch Daniels and Chris Christie.

House Speaker John Boehner didn’t watch last week’s Republican presidential debate, but he knows whom he wants to see in the next one: Govs. Chris Christie and Mitch Daniels...

...without prompting, Boehner brought up the Indiana governor, who has been slightly warmer to a candidacy than Christie. “I think Mitch Daniels is looking at this seriously … [a] person with a track record of reform in his state, the kind of reforms we need in Washington, D.C.”

I can't stress this enough: we don't need a proxy for the pathetic Dick Lugar (Mitch Daniels), nor a pro-global warming, pro-amnesty "maverick" (Chris Christie).

We need high fidelity to our highest law. Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Sarah Palin and Tim Pawlenty are the only candidates I see that qualify as constitutional conservatives (Marco Rubio and Allen West would definitely make the list if they ever throw their hats in the ring).

We have the right playbook. It's called the Constitution. Now we need a leader who embraces it -- 100% of the time. Mavericks need not apply.

Oh, and before I forget: we need a new Speaker of the House. Perhaps Allen West would consider that job.

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Bru said...

Mitch is a Rino? I guess that explains:

1. Why he signed a statute into law yesterday that prohibits any public funds from going to an entity that provides abortion; oddly, Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit today (so much for that social truce);

2. Why he signed into law last month the most comprehensive education reform in the country that includes limiting collective bargaining for teachers, tying teacher pay to student performance, and providing for vouchers to any child who needs one after two years;

3. Why he cut the State's spending by $800 million in real terms over the past 2-year budget period to prevent the deficit from exceeding the state's rainy day fund (which fund Daniels was responsible for putting into place);

4. Why he advocated and got past a state constitutional amendment that caps the state's property taxes, resulting in the largest tax cut in state history (I'll pay less than $2k in property taxes this year);

5. Why he privatised our state's money-losing toll road for $4 billion and used those proceeds to fully fund all of our state's highway projects for 10 years; and

6. Why he has said that even if he believed in global warming, he couldn't support cap and trade because our country can't afford such a system.

Or not.

And yeah, I know he expressed an interest in the VAT, but he did so in the context of saying that we need to completely overhaul are tax laws. As he simply noted, a 10% VAT coupled with a 15% flat tax would be far more efficient than our current sham-tastic tax system.

Bru said...

Oh, and I almost forgot, the budget that he just got passed for the next two years is expected to have a $1 billion surplus. My Republican friends in Illinois and California would slit their wrists for Rino governor like Mitch.

directorblue said...


I'm certainly open to considering Mitch, but this article wasn't very encouraging:

directorblue said...

With actual hyperlink this time.

Bru said...

Okay, Mitch got his start in politics back in the '70s by working for Dick Lugar, what do you expect him to say?

And I don't find it at all surpising that his foreign policy views aren't all that polished. His day job for the past 7 years has been pretty demanding, and Indiana does not have a foreign policy unless you consider wooing foreign companies to set up shop in our state to be a foreign policy. And on that front, he has been damn successful.

Remember at this point in 1999 Bush's foreign policy positions consisted of: 1. I'm not going to engage in nation building; and 2. I'll be humble in dealing with other countries. How long did those positions last?

Bru said...

Also, I think that Mitch is pretty temperate in his talk now because of what happened early in his governorship. When he first got elected, he said some pretty hardcore things, including that the Democrats had "firebombed" his first legislative session by leaving the state. Most Hoosiers were not impressed with such talk. After 2 years, his favorable rating was in the 40s, and there was serious talk that he'd be a one-term governor.

Since then, his language has become very moderate while his legislative accomplishments have been very bold. It's a nuance that gets lost on most people in today's media, and unfortunately, appears to have been lost Rush Limbaugh as well.

carlito said...

You might as well vote for my dog; she has as much chance of beating Obama as these losers.

Your quest for purity will be the death of you so-called conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Daniel's imposed a Tobacco Tax to cover his budget.

This tells me everything I need to know about Daniel's approach to taxation, small government, regulations and all around fiscal conservatism

The Ruling Class GOP might as well encourage Mike Bloomberg to enter the Ruling Class GOP field-he is the richest of them all.

(PS: Once the media begins tearing into Mitch's wife, the 'thinned-skinned' Ruling Class GOP man will take himself out)