Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Gingrich vs. Ryan: No contest

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Gingrich vs. Ryan: No contest: Pundette
America's Most (Un)Wanted Judges: PJM
Surprise! Obama's ACORN Thugs Preparing for 2012: AmSpec

Now Nursing Homes Wants Obamacare Waivers: Malkin
Tea Party activists expose gift cards for votes scam!: BigGovt
Trump exit signals end to silly season: Politico

Gingrich to House GOP: Drop Dead: WSJ
Soros-funded MoveOn.org plans to astroturf West's town hall: WZ
Dems Target Allen West Because They're Terrified of Him: HotAir


Shared Scarcity versus Renewed Prosperity: Ryan
Myth-busting the Debt Limit: Foundry
Obamacare Tax Hikes: One Down, Twenty to Go: ATR

Goal of NLRB attack on Boeing: Back-door Card Check?: ShopFloor
CA State Workers Paid $100K+ For Unused Time Off: BlueCol
Union whistleblowers: beaten and harrassed for reporting fraud: NYDN

HUD’s “affordable housing” wasteland: Malkin
The Agency That Would Not Die: PJM
Obama Tells Companies to 'Step Up' and Hire Workers: CNBC

Climate & Energy

Former global warming alarmist scientist admits it is false science: BlogProf
Democrats try to disguise real reasons for high gas prices: RWN
The Global Warming Gravy Train: RWN


The End of an Idea — Why Affirmative Action Should Stop: Hanson
Guess what, federal workers? Obama just stole your retirement money!: WyBlog
What's with The Joker picture of Ryan?: BackCon

Iowan to Gingrich: Get out now before you make a bigger fool of yourself: WashExam
Obama Too Busy To Attend Annual Memorial Service For Fallen Police Officers: NiceDeb

Local Liberals Reluctantly Replace their Sarah Palin Obsession with Koch Brothers: Doswell
Someone tell David Gregory that this food stamp chart is racist!: Glob
(1857) Frederick Douglass, “If There Is No Struggle, There Is No Progress”: BlackPast


'Die Welt': Iran building rocket bases in Venezuela: TAB
Hamas and Muslim Students Association Plan To Finish The Job Hitler Started: NiceDeb
Many in EU want to end “borderless” Europe: HillBuzz

Jan Schakowsky (D, IL): SEALs are criminals!: RedState
U.S. Imams Plot to Murder & Maim: Ransom
Money Troubles Take Personal Toll in Greece: NYT

Terrorist Admits to Sneaking 7 Al-Qaeda Members Across Texas-Mexico Border: GWP
Appropriate activity for Genocide Day: Phillips
Australia Largest Muslim Group Asks Government to Introduce Sharia Law; Gov’t Tells Them to Go Pound Sand: WZ


How Google Is Secretly Building Its Facebook Killer: Insider
Are mobile phones causing the decline in bee numbers?: Crave (UK)
Apple, Google leagues ahead in mobile developer survey: CNet


How close to a train track can you set up a vegetable market?: Wimp
Sneakers, Obots and Hucksters : MOTUS
Southwest Tells Mother & Daughter They're Too Fat To Fly, Apologizes: Consumerist

Image: Wired Magazine
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QOTD: "...the sooner Greece defaults, the better off it will be. The sooner the IMF, ECB, and EU accept the fact that Greece is insolvent and cannot possibly return to growth via forced austerity, the better off the Euro-Zone will be.

Greece needs structural reforms but is not savable. Nor is Ireland, Portugal, or Spain. What can't be paid back, won't be paid back. Bond-holders are going to learn a much needed lesson." --Mike Shedlock

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