Monday, May 16, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Newt Stumbles Out of the Gate

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Newt Stumbles Out of the Gate: Malkin (Powers)
Is Obama really going to run on the GM bailout? Really?: RWN
Allen West for President? Some Hope So: NAM

Gingrich, Romney Implode on Health Care: AmSpec
Is Bill Richardson Involved in New Pay-to-Play Allegations?: HotAir
Memo to Gingrich: Get Lost. Now.: AmSpec

Federal task force refuses to investigate NYC bomb plot: WZ
Muslims Rally for Genocide in NYC: Atlas
Ellison: Obama Must Tell Muslims We're Not at War (Again): WZ


Could Technical Default Today Save America?: BigGovt
Social Security deficits now ‘permanent’: RWN
LIRR engineer pulls in $250K with OT pay: NYDN

A Verdict on Obama's "Stimulus" Plan : Power Line
Ron Paul's Hypocritical Fiscal Irresponsibility: RWN
Oh, and About Obama Capturing Ohio in 2012...: PittLive

Climate & Energy

CO2 Mitigation: It’s Dopey: Monckton
Figures: NASA-Funded Group Doctors Sea Level Data: BlogProf
Obama Announces New Oil Drilling for EPA to Block: Malkin (Powers)


AP-GfK = Absolutely Pathetic Garbage for Koolaiders: Blumer
David Gregory: Hey, Isn't It Racist To Say A Black President Presides Over a Poor Economy?: Ace
Brit Hume warns Obama is ‘toast’ if current conditions persist: DC

How Drudge Has Stayed On Top: Carr
Patterico Criticizes Google; Gets Locked Out of Gmail: Patterico
Media Amnesia: Why Has No One Reported Obamas Massive Egyptian "Spring" Misread: NEN

Top 10 Most Obnoxious Hollywood Liberals: HE
Nate Silver: Palin In Strongest Position to Fill the Hole Created by Huckabee’s Exit: C4P
SNL Parodies Obama’s El Paso Immigration Speech: SAB


Obama's inexcusable indecision on Syria: Jacoby
Nakba Violence Erupts in Middle East — Analysts: Iran, Syria Leveraging Arab Spring to Destroy Israel: AmPower
Read It Now: The Possible/Probable Main Crisis for 2012: BRubin

From the Muslim World, Big Donations to American Colleges: PJM
Turning Point in the Arab-Israeli Conflict?: Pipes
There were two groups of refugees in the '48 war, though only one gets any attention: INN

Police Raid Florida Mosque in Politically Correct Fashion: AT
Obama's Intuition Stinks: iOTW
Fury at Iran's 'eye-for-an-eye' acid punishment as sentence is branded 'cruel and inhumane': DailyMail (UK)


Air beware: 2.3-pound Samsung laptop hits stores: CNet
Serious Failure: DailyWTF
Google's Chrome OS: Start small, then build: CNet


This Week in Automotivators: RWN
Other Cultures Are Much Superior To America’s: iOTW
The Rise of "Logical Punctuation".: Slate

Bin Laden's Harem pictures: FreakingNews
It's Still 1930 for 'Progressives': iOTW
Jewels from one of Britain's richest women on sale: CNS

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