Saturday, May 14, 2011

Top 20 #OsamaPorn Movie Titles

Yes, it's true that Osama was a porn aficionado (not that there's anything wrong with that, but it does seem a trifle hypocritical, no?). Which led to the inevitable Twitter hashtag meme (#osamaporn) of which my top 20 Osama Bin Laden porn movie titles were as follows:

20. @Saisi_ Al-Jazeera Anchorgirls Gone Wild
19. @sarahcolonna: The Camel's Toe
18. @ProducerMatthew: Two-and-a-half goats
17. @_struct: Kandawhore
16. @galeonscallion: Seal Team Sex
15. @kobyb: Debbie Does Dubai
14. @NBNP: Talibangher
13. @woolfe: Goatback Mountain
12. @coyotered9: Sleeping with the Yemeni
11. @WMDOwl: Betty Bangs Baghdad
10. @Fais_VoML: Amateur Infidels XV
9. @mrsammac: The Fatwa In My Pants
8. @RorschachNEOCON: "Ewe-Turn"
7. @MichaelHeister: You Jihad Me at Halal
6. @RorschachNEOCON: Goats Gone Wild
5. @Steven_Savona: Bearded Beauties: Volume IX
4. @mattyirish: Facial Profiling
3. @BettyFckinWhite: The Taliboners
2. @kobyb: Deep Goat
1. @sdvitelli: Sinfidels


Anonymous said...

The Mullah in Miss Jumanah
Dhimmi Does Dhahran
Wardah Whips Wahabbis
Yasir Yanks Yemen

And how can you have a list of Arab porn titles without

Deep Goat(h/t Da Penguin)

Anonymous Lennie

Hard Right Rudder said...

Pres. Obama's favorite amongst them: "Stiff Corpse men turned taxi drivers."

Hard Right Rudder said...

Jihad me at hello

GW said...

Fisting & Fatwahs

TheBronze said...

Don't forget "Weapons of Ass Destruction"!