Thursday, May 19, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Call Your Senator Now -- Stop the Despicable Goodwin Liu

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Call Your Senator Now -- Stop the Despicable Goodwin Liu: LifeNews
Goodwin Liu’s Reparations Views Disqualify Him From Judiciary: VS
McCain to seek to filibuster Liu: CNS

Who's Right on Medicare Reform?: Mish
ICE Waited Months To Warn Agents Of Gang Hit Plots: JW
Rick Perry Presidential Push Quietly Gains Steam: RCP

Justice Kagan’s Bizarre Standard for Recusal: VS
Nice going, Newt: Schumer compliments Gingrich: NRO
Bob McDonnell Puts David Axelrod in His Place: HE

Evil Precedent: Indiana Invalidates Fourth Amendment: NoisyRoom
Liberal Genius: Let's Take Away Senior Voting Rights: GWP
Iowa Loves Herman Cain: RSM


The NLRB’s attack on the secret ballot: DC
Obama’s government & union stimulus: GayPatriot
Gallup Pegs Underemployment at 19.1%: Mish

Waive Me: Malkin
Future NJEA union hacks graduate college without any class: WyBlog
NY School Official Pulls down $540K/yr.: Bloomberg

Climate & Energy

Leftwing Science: JPA
Drill Baby Drill ~ And Do It Right Damn Now!: GM's Place
Clownish Nobel Laureates Put Human Race on Trial: RWN


Obama to local/metro papers: How ya like me now, chumps?: Malkin
The New Civility Just Keeps Getting More Civilized: Driscoll
Katie Couric’s Most Objective Moments at CBS: Malkin

Icarus-In-Chief: Camp of the Saints
Oops! Secret Service Tweets Anti-Fox News Message: Blaze
Bill Keller, Luddite-slash-Idiot: TechCrunch

The New MSM Meme: John Huntsman, The Man Who Scares Democrats: Sundries
Far-Left Cartoonist Can't Get Anyone To Publish His Anti-Obama Pieces: NB
Air Force One Misses Approach with President Aboard: Tapper

MSNBC’s Nostalgia Is Dam Inconvenient for President Obama: Driscoll
Handicapping the Race: Wolf Howling
Corruption: 'Pastor' Uses Jesus' Parable To Defend Abortion: BlogProf


AZ Citizens Speak Out Against Obama’s Immigration Remarks: Bruce
Mexican cops pull over two trucks carrying 513 illegal aliens headed for the United States: IHTM
Protests Mount in Spain; Sovereign Debt Crisis to Follow: Mish

Are We Facing an Iranian Missile Crisis? The Dereliction of our Media: PJM
WaPo's Grim Review of Netanyahu's Visit: AT
Penn: Using the hijab to promote Islam to middle school kids: Creeping

Iranian FM Says Bushehr Nuke Plant Is Now Operational: WZ
Over 50 U.S. churches to hold Qur'an readings: JihadWatch
Leftists Support Gay-Bashing Palestinians in Effort to Eradicate Gay-Friendly Israel: Commentary


Death by GPS: AutoBlog
The Chilling Story of Genius in a Land of Chronic Unemployment: TechCrunch
Yes, tablets are hurting PC sales...kind of: CNet


Battle of the URL Redirects Continues: WZ
10 Celebrities Who Got Burned By Identity Thieves: BusinessPundit
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Love Children (Yep. I Said ‘Children,’ Which Is Plural): RSM

Corsi To Release Evidence Obama Certificate Is A Fraudulent Composite: SHN
Obama: Our First Black Jewish President : MOTUS
Huck Finn and the Constitution: Ashbrook

Image: Michael Ramirez
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