Friday, May 13, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Totalitarianism is here

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Totalitarianism is here: ProWis
Hoyer Breaks with Obama on Political Speech: Foundry
Illinois to Release Illegal Aliens Convicted of Violent Crimes: BigGovt

Debt Limit Vote: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet: RollCall
Yes Mr. President, I Do Want Alligators in My Moat: AT
Joe Walsh’s Smackdown of Obama on Immigration: RS


President Explains His Big Government Philosophy: Toldjah
Boeing vs. the NLRB's Radical Pro-Unionists: PJM
The Millionaire Retirees Next Door : WSJ

Dems bring illegals to testify at education hearing: Tatler
Obama's Reason for High Unemployment Rate: GWP
Yet More Gangster Government: Cold Fury

Do SEIU members know what the bosses are up to?: RWN
Mayo Clinic: 90% of members won't participate in Obamacare: AllAm
Robert Welch: An Americanist Entrepreneur: NewAm

Climate & Energy

Dems’ Dream Come True -- Gas Prices Force Farmers to Ditch Tractors For Oxen: GWP
"Democrat: Non-Energy-Producing States Shouldn’t Complain About High Gas Prices": ProWis
Why, No, Globull Warming Didn’t Cause The Tornado Outbreak: RWN


Photos you won’t see on the evening news: Border residents protest Obama, open borders chaos: Tatler
"Newt Gingrich Was More Supportive Of Individual Mandates Than Mitt Romney": ProWis
The Ten Thousand: Belmont Club

CBS Gives Obama Over 26 Minutes to Lecture on the Economy: NB
Romney makes passionate case for violating personal freedom at state level: WashExam
The City Of Dallas Steals $2000 From A 15-Year-Old Who Did The Right Thing: RWN


Connect the Dots: Hayward
SEAL Team Worried Identities Will Leak: Military
As Obama Stands Silent, Putin Crushes Freedom Online: PJM

WaPo: Family Visitations For Gitmo Detainees Under Consideration: Malkin
Fukushima 'Full Meltdown' Made Official: Atlantic
Does Judicial Watch have the bin Laden death photo?: WashExam

Obama Administration Sent Aid to Mexico to Fight Wildfires But Not Texas: GWP
Two Terrorists Of Unknown Religion Busted In NYC Plot: RWN
At Last: The Barack Obama SEAL Team Six Action Figure: Malkin


A new kind of computer: Chromebook: Google
New FBI Documents Provide Details on Government’s Surveillance Spyware: EFF
Emergency-testing a Boeing's brakes == awesome: Autoblog


Contest of the Year!: iOTW
Heckler and Koch: when negotiations fail: Cold Fury
Batman Beatdown on the Vegas Strip (Original): YouTube

Image: The People vs. Goldman Sachs (Rolling Stone)
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Zilla said...

Welcome back, Doug. Glad to see you wasted no time in getting back to work once blogger started FINALLY functioning again.

Whitehall said...

Re Fukushima

Yep, full core-on-the-floor scenario (that's our technical term for it.)

This is the scary monster that been hiding under every anti-nuke kook's bed all this time.

Made a mess of the plant, certainly, but no fatalities and doses too low to cause radiation sickness, even amonsgt the plant workers, let alone the public.

The worst thing happens and life goes on. We're stronger than we think.