Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Palin's Secret Weapon

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Palin's Secret Weapon: Bruce
Seventy-One Shots: The Death of Jose Guereña: PJM
An Anti-Israel President: WSJ

CAIR: Realistic homeland security drills are raaaaaacist: Malkin
DNC hacks try to use Netanyahu to stifle debate: WklyStd
T-Paw’s Five Greatest Challenges: NRO


Goodbye, New York: City Journal
Where Dreams Die: Hanson
Shades of 2008: A Greek Default Won’t Be ‘Contained’: Mauldin: Yahoo!

Regime Appoints New Deputy Minister of Propaganda: Cary
Our Lawless President’s Crooked Favor Factory: RWN
Good News for School Choice: AT

NLRB’s Ominous Attack on Free Enterprise: LUR
SEIU Purple Army blunder of the day: Malkin
Norquist Emerges as Barrier to U.S. Debt Deal: Bloomberg

Climate & Energy

An Inconvenient Truth Five Years Later -- Science Fiction: MRC
Vitter To Salazar: You Want A Pay Raise? Fine – Do Your Job First: HayRide
Transcript: Al Gore Got ‘D’ in ‘Natural Sciences’ at Harvard: CNS


Study: Liberal Academia Consistently Ranks GOP Presidents 10 Spots Lower Than The Public: WZ
What Say You to the Palestinian Perspective?: RWN
Mediaite Reveals Stunning Bottom-Line Numbers Behind Failed Media Matters: Dollard

Online political activists fret about Facebook bias: Hot Air
The Left's Dirty Little Secret: AT
A Texan Riding To Republicans' Rescue?: IBD

"Listening to Netanyahu was like listening to our collective conscience...": LegalIns
No Dog in That Fight, Mr President?: AT
Bumbling Barry's Bodaciously Bad Week: Diogenes


Pro-Terror Code Pink Loon Interrupts Netanyahu in Congress... Again: GWP
Texas: Muslim cab driver arrested after bomb squad raids apartment: JihadWatch
The Greek Bankruptcy: One Year Later - Exposing The Charlatans: ZH

The Controversial Anti-Palestinian Video That Was Banned From YouTube As 'Hate Speech': RWN
AIPAC Leftist: Please Don't Use Obama’s Support For Hamas-Fatah Terrorists as Political Football: GWP
NATO operations in Libya: data journalism breaks down which country does what: Guardian


Schmidt: Want to get rich? Build a platform: CNet
Twitter Buys TweetDeck for $40 Million: TechCrunch
Report: 20,000 users added to 'Hurt Locker' suit: CNet

Armageddon 1958: Belmont Club
How Tech Legend Bill Gross Blew The TweetDeck Deal: Insider
IT Downtime Costs $26.5 Billion In Lost Revenue: InfoWeek


Egypt finds 17 lost pyramids: GlobPost
1500 Still Missing In Joplin, Missouri – More Tornadoes on the Way: GWP
Navy Chief Dreams of Laser Warships, Ocean-Spanning Robots: Wired

Image: MEMRI
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QOTD: "As information, I was in the gallery for Netanyahu's speech this morning before the joint session of Congress. A friend of mine, who is chief of staff for a Republican congresswoman from New York, was able to snag me a ticket. It was a great experience... Bill Kristol was sitting in the next section, and I was four sections over from the woman who started waving a "Free Palestine" banner and screaming about Israel being a terrorist state (she was quickly and forcibly removed, as I believe I heard her face hitting one of the steps to the gallery as she was whisked away by security)." -- Uncle Ben

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