Saturday, May 28, 2011

Exhibit A: Food-Stamp Fraud

Via the always-entertaining Curmudgeonly & Skeptical comes more evidence that every one of the Democrats' budget-busting social-engineering programs are failures, through and through.

Consider: at least ten cents of every dollar government spends on Medicare and Medicaid is fraudulent, according to experts that put the total amount of criminal waste at over $100 billion.

Since Barack Obama took office, roughly 12 million additional people have begun using food-stamps. And since Democrats took control of Congress in January 2007, almost 20 million people have joined the rolls of food-stamp recipients.

15 out of every 100 people living in the U.S. are now receiving food-stamps.

And a huge percentage of these people are using them for fraudulent purposes. Worse yet, the unfettered giveaway of these chits leads to all sorts of unintended consequences: more single-parent families and more violent crime in inner cities, to name just two.

It's time to end the Democrats' failed "War on Poverty" once and for all.


Kathy from Kansas said...

Oh but don't you dare call him a "Food Stamp President." That would be RRAAAAACISSTT!!!!

MRPKW said...

This is NOT food stamp fraud.

Unfortunately, food stamps are allowed to purchase those items.

mythusmage said...

There is a difference between fraud and thoughtlessness, this is a case of thoughtlessness.

I get SSI (major depression and Aspergers), and in California people on SSI can't get food stamps. We get more money instead, from which we're supposed to provide for ourselves. I can't say that I always shop sensibly, but I do give it the old college try

The subject spent his money unwisely, but he did not defraud anyone. Food stamps will pay for lobster tails, so that is what he used.

Doom said...

It shouldn't have to be stated that fraud against the spirit of charity, which is what food stamps are, is still fraud. Only in a nations with enough lawyers to allow for unaffordable health care, where presidents don't seem to know what the term is is, or think lying is nuance (both of them lawyers at that) could such a notion that buying luxury foods is not fraud go forth in such a bold faced manner.

Anonymous said...

Love the store's slogan...."Life is full of choices..."

5kidsnadog said...

My college age son just commented that one of the Detroit Lions came into a nearby business where his friend works and paid with food stamps....What? They're unemployed for gosh sakes!!! College boy also regales me with tales of other college kids who pool their food stamps as they share apartments. He says they eat GREAT!

THIS is why my husband gets up each morning and leaves his family to earn a living -- for other people.

Anonymous said...

I remember in my younger days, new baby, new wife, new job and just getting by because I was working my behind off.

One day at the store, I see a woman covered in gold, new purse, new dress, new hair, new nails, paying with food stamps. As I drove away in my used car, I saw the woman drive away in her Lexus with the sticker in the window.

I followed the car to a million dollar home. Took down the plate and address and turned it in.

Five weeks later I saw the same woman paying with food stamps. She wasn't driving a Lexus that time it was a BMW.

I wrote a letter that time to an elected official and never received anything back.

I say take all the food stamps away and give them a hunting license, fishing license, some seeds and a shovel.