Friday, May 13, 2011

President Obama invites rap-poet to White House party -- at taxpayer expense -- to hear rap-poet sing praises of President Obama

Yes, it's true that President Obama and the First Lady invited a rap-poet to the White House despite his long history of supporting cop-killers and assassinations of white presidents.

But there's another aspect of this story to consider. President Obama invited "Common" (real name: Lesley Weisenheimer, I believe) to sing praises of... Barack Obama. Didn't royal families engage in this sort of behavior in the Middle Ages?

Consider the lyrics that "Common" rapped at the posh White House party:

Even the unseen know that God watches.

For one King’s dream he was able to Barack us.

One King’s dream he was able to Barack us.

One King’s dream he was able to Barack us.”

Yeah, we got "Barack'ed" all right.


jill said...

Re your title, that's pretty much the point of the exercise.

The tasteless Obamas' poetry nights are such pretentious nonsense, even without the fawning, thuggish rapper.

VaGal said...

Yeah, this guy is a real poetic genius. All Hail King Obama! Puke.

Anonymous said...

The racist rapper opposed to inner-racial relationships is rapping poetic racist praise to a man conceived by inner-racial parents.

Is pop culture schizophrenic or obtuse?

Anonymous said...

You a big Ted nugent fan I guess