Sunday, May 15, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Huckabee Is Out: Who It Helps and Who It Hurts

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Huckabee Is Out: Who It Helps and Who It Hurts: RS
WI Dems Seek To Throw Out Legitimate Votes: LegalIns
Romney's Fix: Steyn

Escape from New York State: Driscoll
Department of Pre-crime: NRO
Second Amendment Rights not Assured Despite Court Wins: PJM

Bill Clinton: Hey, let’s have a Ministry of Truth, or something: HotAir
American Convert to Islam Injured While Making Powerful Bomb: WZ
Christie, Walker may back Daniels if he runs: HotAir


Democrats: Where. Is. Your. Budget?: Power Line
Senate GOP Embarrasses Dems Over Boeing: PJM
Worst Recovery Ever For Small Businesses: Mish

A phony buyer of $19B in Treasurys a week: ZH
The NLRB’s Ironic Lawsuit Against Arizona: HotAir
What does a trillion dollars look like?: ZH

Climate & Energy

The Facts and Obama's War On Domestic Oil & Gas: Wolf Howling
Obama ‘s Weekly Address: Drill, Baby Drill!: GWP
Finally: The Climate Scientist Rap: JWF


Is This Too Much?: Surber
AP Tars Tea Party Movement as ‘Grandfathered’ By Ron Paul: RWN
Hip hop mogul Russell Simmons slams Sean over rapper criticism: Hannity

Newsweek-CNN’s Fareed Zakaria regularly advising Obama: Creeping
Evidence Aplenty That “Nitecruzr” Represents Google: Patterico
Krauthammer Scolds 'Inside Washington' Host for Calling GOP 'Mediscare' Letter Hypocritical: NewsBusters

With Obama Back Under 50% Job Approval Rating, Suddenly Obama Stands for Oil Drilling: ScarMonk
NJ high school student challenges . Michele Bachmann to a duel: RWN
Top 10 Hoaxes Perpetrated by the Left and Trumpeted by a Complicit Media: NewsReal


The real housewives of Abbottabad: Tatler
Everything You Wanted To Know About Porn, Weed, And Toilets In Afghanistan: DeadSpin
Smoke the Donkey is an American now: Marathon

72 Years Ago Great Britain Left Jews To Die In The Holocaust: Lid
Turkish Association in Germany Calls for Autonomous Government for Turks : StopTurkey
In repressive North Korea, facelifts and skinny jeans are in style: GloPost


Facebook-Google rivalry intensifies with PR fiasco: MyWay
Nvidia CEO: Why Android tablets aren't selling: CNet
Social Gamer Zynga Isn't Playing Around: IBD


Wine: It's All In Your Head: Post
Silver lining for music fans in Lime Wire case: CNet
Ancient 'debit card' discovered in Saxony-Anhalt: TheLocal

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