Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Dangerous Precedent for Press

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Dangerous Precedent for Press: Zito
Charges to be re-filed against KSM and Company: Malkin
Land of the Lawless: Hanson

Memorial Day 2011: What American Troops Are Made Of: RWN
Will Obama Sink the Democrats?: AT (Lewis)
Top Obama health aide cashes out after health 'reform': WashExam


Weinergate: What we know (Update: Weiner hires a lawyer): Tatler
Help Me Bring the Weiner Hacker to Justice: IowaHawk
WeinerGate: We Are Simply Reporting the Facts: BG

Weiner Investigation Would Benefit All Parties Involved: Commentary
The WeinerGate Plot Thickens: Weiner Lawyers Up!: Ironic
Weiner hires attorney related to lewd Twitter photo 'prank': NYDN


NOTHING Can Stop State and Local Spending: RefBroker
CA Braces for Coming Tidal Wave of Released Felons: PJM
Locking Unions Out in Louisiana: HayRide

Like Obama, GOP plans pivot to jobs, economy: York
Michigan: turning schools into prisons: BlogProf
Crushing Harvard's Mighty Endowment Fund?: ZH

Climate & Energy

“May snow depths are deeper than anything we have seen in the last 45 years”: WUWT
WashPost: Freedom of Information Act not for climate skeptics’ use: JunkScience
Germany Announces Plans To Lead The Way Back To Third World Squalor: RWN


Howard Kurtz: Weinergate ‘Appears to Be Faked’: BigJourn
Dan Collins, on Weinergate: 'Strangely enough, most women bloggers don’t... want to touch this thing': Attila
Nastygram of the day, NYSE edition: Reuters

On Memorial Day Obama Honors Fallen Troops For an Hour... Then It's Off to Golf for Four: GWP
This will be a very significant episode of Morning Joe This morning: DTG
Are Obama's Academic Defenders Vulnerable?: AT (Cashill)


Europe Becomes Obama’s Re-Election Campaign ‘Prop’: PJM
Iran: Ahmadinejad’s Spiritual Adviser Urges Muslims to Kill Israeli Children: WZ
Post-Mubarak: Over 400 al-Qaida terrorists now in Sinai: Atlas

Where They Really Need a Freedom Flotilla — Try Syria: Rosett
The World Would Be Better Off If Greece Were Allowed To Crash And Burn: RWN
CIA Warns Of A Greek Military Coup, Rebellion, If Austerity Intensifies: ZH

The Nazis Find a Home in Post-Mubarak Egypt: AT
Can the DoD Trust Brazil with American National Security?: PJM
Anti-Christian Violence Continues in Pakistan: CNS


Cyber Combat: Act of War: WSJ
Google Earth Shot (Language Warning): RCC
2012 Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster is a topless beauty: AutoBlog


Hangover Part 2 Review -- Three Stars: Ace
Sunday Funnies: Flopping Aces
German Art Forgery Scandal Reaches Hollywood: Spiegel

Image: The People's Cube
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: End the Regulatory 'Train Wreck' at the Obama EPA!

QOTD: "Um, bluff called, dude. As Derek Hunter said:

- Victims call cops.
- Perps call lawyers.
- So, thanks for the confirmation, feller.

As a funny Tweeter said (sorry, can't remember who), calling the police would only result in the classic horror movie reveal: We've traced the hack! And the hack is coming from... INSIDE THE HOUSE!!!" --Ace o' Spades

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