Saturday, May 14, 2011

One Less RINO to Worry About: Huckabee Bails on 2012 Bid

Well, that's one less RINO we need to worry about.

In the end, Huckabee decided that he didn't want to abandon the media empire that he has built since his failed presidential bid four years ago. In addition to his TV show, Huckabee hosts a nationally syndicated radio program, gives paid speeches around the country and has even launched a series of animated videos for children on American history.

The talk show is the centerpiece of Huckabee's enterprises, which have made the one-time Baptist preacher from Hope, Ark., and 10-year governor a wealthy man with a $2.2 million beachfront home under construction in Florida. Huckabee, 55, and his wife moved their residency and voter registration to the state last year.

Mike Huckabee helped give us the feckless candidacy of John McCain in 2008 by sabotaging Mitt Romney.

The true GOP front-runners are Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum. Having Huckabee out of the race is a promising development.


juandos said...

Maybe the 'huckster's critique of R.I.N.O. Romney is the ONLY positive political thing he's ever done...

Anonymous said...

I was going to say what juando said, I'm not a Huckabee supporter however I am thankful he thwarted the Republican Obama MANDATING our lives while mommy-nannying us to death.

I agree with WSJ opinion, Romney should run as Obama's running mate; he fits Obama's style of elitist rulership.

Our rights come from our Creator, not some Harvard-Inbred intellect mandating the Lives of Others.

Alz said...

The libs will start praising Huckabee so they can lure him on the liberal shows and prop him up as an “expert.”

They’ll USE Huckabee as a way to undermine the other Republicans. Huckabee will have to let out some attacks on Republicans that make him “controversial” – which is required for the liberals to keep him on the shows.

Just watch.

Anonymous said...

Exposing Romney is more like it. Romney is a chameleon who is worse than Huckabee. The people of Massachusetts know Romney best -

directorblue said...

An articulate Republican candidate (Romney) could have beaten Obama in 2008.

I will always remember that Huckaphony's support of McCain helped give us Barack Obama.

Anonymous said...

"An articulate Republican candidate (Romney) could have beaten Obama in 2008."

Come now, $40 million worth of Romney couldn't beat broke McCain; even after Romney's camp bought voters in Montana.

I will agree Romney is as articulate as Obama.

I'd add big money does not win elections, the candidate who wins is the candidate who can GOTV.

Alz said...

Romney doesn't know who he is - that's the problem. For us as a country, we need someone who has conservatism in his/her heart.