Sunday, May 22, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Yes We Cain -- Mitch Daniels Bails Out of Race

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Yes, We Cain - A first-hand report from Atlanta: PJM
Good News: Daniels Not Running for President: WashExam
Helpful tips for confused voters: Boortz

Newly found documents suggest Kagan planned Obamacare defense: DC
Will Biden move to impeach Obama now?: GWP
West faces tough questions at town hall in Pompano Beach: Sun-Sent

Palin: My Goal Is to Ensure Obama Is Not Reelected: TRS
AFL-CIO's Trumka Pledges Endless Class Warfare: RS
The Case for Herman Cain for President -- Solving for X: Cain


From Social Security to Food Benefits, It’s Welfare Gone Wild: PJM
The Coming Deflationary Contraction: AT
In their defense, I haven’t released a spending plan yet, either: RWN

Trumka issues threat to Dems: Help us or pay: DC
Nearly 3 Million Paid Hours Spent By Federal Employees on Union Activity: ATR
High-tax Illinois giving out more tax breaks: Marathon

Climate & Energy

Shocker! Tracking “Climate Change (Hoax)” Money Proves Difficult: Cove
NASA’s New Mission: Left-Wing Propaganda Targeting Children: RWN
I’m sure the Chinese will stop if you ask them…: WUWT


The Scolding Of America’s Child Emperor: No Sheeples
Dupnik's SWAT Team Defends Shooting Iraq Vet 60 Times!: BlogProf
Recent College Grads Have Lost That Hopey Changey Feeling: RWN

The AIPAC Policy Conference: A Report from a Press Reception: PJM
Rock You Like a Herman-Cain: AT
Fellow Student at Columbia Raises Questions About Obama's Admission: Ace

You Stay Classy, CNN: Driscoll
Omission Watch: Job Creation Staggering at 'Slowest Post-Recession Rate Since Great Depression': NewsBusters
Leftists Angry That Bush Is Making Money on the Lecture Circuit: PACNW Righty


Contemporary coverage of the Six Day War — clear-sighted and moral: Bookworm
The Coming Assault on Israel: AT (Lewis)
Lawsuit: Iran Knew About 9/11 Attack: Timmerman

Israel and Obama’s Radical Past: NRO (Kurtz)
Obama's Borderline Treachery: NRO
SLAM!! Bibi Diplomatically "Slaps" Obama During White House Press Op: Lid

How’d Obama’s Little Middle East Speech Go Over In Syria?: RWN
NYC: 'Obama bows to Islamic aggression': UrbInf
Obama’s Middle East Speech: The Opposite of Strategy Is Catastrophe: BRubin


The Great PJ Media Space Debate: PJM
Iceland closes main airport amid volcano eruption: LAT
Apple enlists iPads for retail signage: CNet


I Hope that Whiff of Manure is Coming From the Organic Garden: MOTUS
Drivers Beware: Don’t Stare At Katy Perry: TSG
Hamilton Montana - Police Car Stop Shots Fired: YouTube

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