Saturday, May 28, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Constitution Still Applies In Dearborn, Even If It Offends Some

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Constitution Still Applies In Dearborn, Even If It Offends Some: Ace
Sarah Palin's Magic Bus: Toldjah
Texas governor will consider running for president: WashExam

Barney Frank’s Friends with Benefits: Malkin
Wisconsin Ends Vote Fraud: Surber
Bachmann notes 'calling' to run for president: WashExam

Weinergate: Lewd Photo Hits Twitter: BG
The Best DNC Chair the GOP Ever Had: HE
DNC sets sights on Herman Cain: DC


Dems' plan: kill U.S. healthcare, remake in socialist image: RWN
Poll: Almost 2/3 of Voters Want Balanced Budget Amendment: Lid
The DOJ's Lies About Immigration Cases: WashExam

School Choice is the New Normal: Foundry
Unions Are Major Recipients of Obamacare Waivers: NLPC
Pawlenty was 'open to' mandate in '06 speech: Politico

Climate & Energy

Chris Christie: New Jersey’s Al Gore: JunkScience
Heritage busts Obama gas price myths: TRS
Yes, Chris Christie still believes in global warming climate change: AmSpec


Things That Make You Say Hmm: Potluck
On War and Revolution: Fat in Indiana
Forget the spin. Taxpayers still on the hook for auto bailouts: WashExam

The Selling of Barack Obama: How CBS's 60 Minutes Works Overtime for the Obama Left: MRC
Why Do Michelle Obama’s Staff Members Keep Quitting?: Glob
Loon Professor: Lone Pro-Life Wacko More Threatening to U.S. Than Unconstitutional GWOT: AmPower

What's Really in Those Teen Magazines? (Hint: Nothing Remotely Romantic): NewAm
Krugman Calls Congressman Ryan a Liar and a Sore Loser: NB
CNN's Cafferty blasts Obama on Euro-trip; WaPo slams President on Israel policy: BlogProf

Shock: The New York Times Lied About Israeli Reaction to Netanyahu's D.C. Adventure: Lid
Poll: Palin near top of re-shaped GOP field: WashExam
Know Why Obama Stammers? Cause He’s So Frikkin’ Brilliant!: RWN


The Obama Dilemma: Vodkapundit
Wow!… Canada Defends Israel From Obama Administration – Blocks 1967 Line From G8 Statement: GWP
Arab Springtime for Hitler: Egyptian group announces intent to form Nazi party: JihadWatch

Anti-Communist Hero Lech Walesa Snubs Obama Invite – Says He’s Too Busy: GWP
Never Saw This Coming: Goals Shift In Libya Kinetic Operation: RWN
Suspected Rwanda genocide mastermind arrested: GlobPost

Ahmadinejad says Iranian people demand "complete elimination of Israel": JihadWatch
CT: Muslim Brotherhood founded group to hold convention Memorial Day weekend: Creeping
Muslim terrorist group Hamas on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube: Creeping


As the World Turns: Sondrakistan
Homeland Security Wants Mozilla to Pull “Domain Seizure” Add-On: TorrentFreak
Pioneer demonstrates cool Floating Vision displays: CNet


"I said, 'Look but don't touch.'": AmDigest
"We’re On a Mission From God… We’re Getting the Band Back Together": MOTUS
Here’s a new cause you can, uh . . . get behind: Madrid

Image: Sondrakistan's Public Service Announcement
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QOTD: "As the stunning and overwhelming response to Prime Minister Netanyahu in Congress showed, Israel matters in American politics like almost no other country on earth. Well beyond the American Jewish and the Protestant fundamentalist communities, the people and the story of Israel stir some of the deepest and most mysterious reaches of the American soul. The idea of Jewish and Israeli exceptionalism is profoundly tied to the idea of American exceptionalism. The belief that God favors and protects Israel is connected to the idea that God favors and protects America." --Walter Russell Mead

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