Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Bachmann likely to run, say senior insiders

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Bachmann likely to run, say senior insiders: Cubachi
Arizona Hit Squads Targeting Hispanics: JWF
Newt Gingrich apologizes to Paul Ryan: Politico

Radical judicial nominee alert: Goodwin Liu headed for vote: Malkin
Palin on Pelosi's Obamacare Waivers: "This Is Corrupt": DC
Rand Paul: Smackdown!: WretchedNet

Democrats Use Foreign Money to Influence American Elections: RS
Paul Ryan For President?: Pundette
Kloppenburg Digs In Deeper: LegalIns


Study: Obama's Stimulus Cost 595,000 Jobs: IBD
Reform Health Care Administration and Save Billions: PJM
OH Teacher's Union React to SB5 with... Dues Hike: BigGovt

Illegal aliens get in-state tuition: RWN
The Unraveling of a Ponzi Scheme: BigGovt
Expensive Gas: It's the Weak Dollar, Stupid: WashExam

If Only Wal-Mart Would Start Supplying K-12 Schooling!: Hayek
NLRB wants unions to control business: WashExam
White House to Honor Schools Promoting ‘Environmental Literacy’: Malkin

Climate & Energy

Eco-Tard Math is Fun: CBullitt (Language Warning)
Who’s Up for $50 Light Bulbs?: Malkin
Perfect: Alleged GOP Candidate Huntsman Believes in Global Warming: Hill


Fisking a fact check: Surber
No Newt Is Good Newt: Shiver
How About Santorum?: Zilla

Gingrich and Romney run against their own party: Barone
Glenn Beck Announces “Rally In Jerusalem” In August: NoisyRoom
Pic' of the Day: Gas Facts: RWN

And the Role of John McCain will be Played By…: Driscoll
Newt’s Tuesday Blogger Conference Call: RWN
Obama’s fundraising quarter worse than expected thus far?: HotAir


Bordering on War: Power Line
Abbas' Lies Contradicted From His Own Mouth: JoshuaPundit
Coptic Christians slaughtered in Egypt as the world looks away: Australian

U.S. Weapons in Cartel Hands? Blame Uncle Sam: PJM
Sources: Raiders knew mission a one-shot deal: NavyTimes
French News Sites Describe Breast Size of Strauss-Kahn’s Rape Accuser: RWN

Visegrad: A New European Military Force: Stratfor
Nakbacide: Greenfield
A Brief Guide to Why 1948 Was a Palestinian Arab and Arab Disaster: BRubin


Sweeping bill would update privacy law: CNet
Groupon launching biggest deal yet, with Quiznos: ChiBiz
Sony needs to do more for PSN customers: CNet


Arnold Schwarzenegger is...: iOTW
Only Israel: Yedida Freilich
I Love the Smell of Rich in the Morning : MOTUS

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QOTD: "Sperminator: Now it makes sense... ...on a related note, there are unconfirmed reports of a strong-looking, naked 10-year old Hispanic boy (with sharp Austrian features and little caveman eyes) running around LA neighborhoods demanding other little boy's "clothes, sneakers and bike" --JTT

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