Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kudos to CNN's Dana Bash: Absolutely Shreds Anthony's Weiner Over His Refusal to State Whether He Tweeted the Weiner (Transcript)

CNN's Dana Bash has a brand new fan and that fan's name is me.

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) tells CNN he will no longer discuss a controversy surrounding a lewd photo sent from his Twitter account...

DANA BASH, CNN SENIOR CONGRESSIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Congressman, could you just ask - answer point blank, you say that you were hacked, which is potentially a crime. So why haven't you asked the Capitol Police for any law enforcement to investigate?

REP. ANTHONY WEINER (D), NEW YORK: Look, this was a prank that I've now been talking about for a couple of days. I am not going to allow it to decide what I talk about for the next week or the next two weeks. And so I'm not going to be giving you anything more about that today. I think I've been pretty responsive to you in the past.

BASH: But - but with respect, you're here, which we - which we appreciate, but you're not answering the questions. Can you just say why you haven't asked law enforcement to investigate what you are alleging is a crime?

WEINER: You - you know, Dana, if I was giving a speech to 45,000 people and someone in the back of the room threw a pie or yelled out an insult, would I spent the next two hours responding to that? No.

To her credit, Bash was having none of it. Her tweet didn't include a tawdry photo. It simply read:

Here's a news flash for Weiner: this story ain't going away.

In fact, the high school girl, porn star and other young ladies that Weiner followed (only around 90 people worldwide at the time he the hacker tweeted the undie shot) might have some interesting stories about other Weiner messages they could sell to The National Enquirer.

For big bucks.

Hat tip: Ace o' Spades.


Georg Felis said...

When even CNN reporters won't buy your story, you have a problem.

Say goodbye Rep. Weiner. Say hello Lobbyist Weiner.

AmPowerBlog said...

Linked: 'Anthony Weiner's Angry Exchange With CNN's Dana Bash'.

The_Bad said...

Dana Bash should brace for a windfall of accusations of lying and racism as a result of this. Media Mutters will be on the scene.