Sunday, May 29, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Obamacare “Power Grab” Unconstitutional

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Obamacare “Power Grab” Unconstitutional: RSN
There’s a Reason Why it’s called the Forgotten Man: Driscoll
Kagan Should Recuse Herself As To Obamacare: LegalIns

Progressive Republican Traitors Have Spoken: NoisyRoom
Illinois Democrats marginalize GOP and voters: Marathon
DNC Chair unaware illegal immigration is illegal: Blaze


Weiner’s Wiener? Who Is ‘Gennette Nicole’?: RSM
Rep. Anthony Weiner Selectively Edits Himself: Patterico
Why Would Weiner Care What Time It Was In Seattle?: BG

Anthony Weiner and his eponymous Twitter “hack”: RS
#Weinergate update: Coed being scrubbed from Google: RS
Has Weiner Reported ‘Hack’ to Authorities?: BG

Rep. Weiner's Twitter Account Hacked by Horny Look-Alike: VS
#Weinergate:The “Would Your Spouse Buy It?” Test: Stranahan
NY Post Covers For Weiner; Riehl Exposes Lies: Ace


The fake Chrysler loan payoff: Greenroom
Hey, Schmucks: Tax Hikes Are Not Government Savings: Foundry
Obama official ordered NLRB to pull rebuke of GOP budget: Hill

"Green" Movement: Anti-Capitalist, Anti-American: RWN
How to Beat the Market: Follow the Trades of 19 Senators: Mish
Here's What Will Happen When Greece Defaults: Mauldin

Climate & Energy

Climate Progress blog shuts down – disappears all previous comments: WUWT
A German With A Master Plan–What Could Go Wrong?: CBullitt
Tornado Train: C&S


Krauthammer and Thomas Agree: Clinton and Obama are Hypocrites on Medicare Reform: NB
QQQ: Hitler on national collectivism, with a question: Maggie's Farm
Anti-Palin Books Proving to Be Commercial Flops: AT

Sisterhood and the SEALs: Mac Donald
Rolling Thunder Confirms Palin Invite; Andrea Mitchell Demonstrates Journalistic Incompetence, Bias: C4P
U.S. Tax Dollars Will Sponsor Gay Film Festival in...Bulgaria: Blaze


Osama Raid Avenged CIA Deaths, a Secret until Now: NewsMax
INTERPOL issues global alert for hundreds of Afghan jailbreak fugitives, some Taliban: Jawa
Norway: Muslim rapist tells victim that in Islam, women have no rights: JihadWatch


Social media creates new teen ailment -- 'Facebook depression': KGW
Tibco, Oracle, Other IBD 50 Software Leaders Manage Data Explosion: IBD
Going Hard Worth the Weight: SMH


Special Guest Commentary: Ace
Mr. President, Was This Book Really Necessary?: White House Dossier
I haven't been picking on the Obamas enough lately, so there's this...: C&S

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