Sunday, June 05, 2011

We got a bleeder! Weiner trapped by

No wonder Anthony Weiner's been so evasive about the photo of privates sent from his Twitter account. It turns out that the same application used to send Weiner's other messages that night also sent the bulging pantie shot. The Daily reports (via Weasel Zippers):

...according to data provided exclusively to The Daily from, a nonprofit website that captures each member of Congress’s Twitter feeds in real time, the shot seen round the world was transmitted using TweetDeck — a popular Adobe desktop application that links up with social networking sites. A review of Weiner’s Twitter stream from May 27, the day of the crotch pic, shows that Weiner had been posting only from TweetDeck — one of many ways to post messages to Twitter — that entire night.

Chet Wisniewski, a senior security adviser at security software company SophosLabs, said the TweetDeck stamp “does make it more plausible that it did come from him.”

...Robert Stribley, a senior information architect at Razorfish, a social media strategy agency, reasoned that if Weiner used the TweetDeck app, “it would probably make it less likely his account was hacked.”

...Matthew Green, chief technology officer at Independent Security Evaluators, said that if the offensive tweet had been transmitted through something other than TweetDeck that night, it might have gone a long way to exonerate Weiner.

... “Here’s the thing that solves it all,” said McCroskey, “for him to call for a criminal investigation. All they have to do is look at his TweetDeck and see if it came from there, see what IP address [it had]. The local police department or Capitol Police could probably figure this out in 15 minutes.”


Which is why he'll never voluntarily request an investigation.

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Anonymous said...

why can't the house open the investigation? do any republication members of the ethics committee have the authority to start an investigatation w/o the wieners consent?