Thursday, December 06, 2012

JAN 2013: The Statement the Next Speaker of the House Must Give

As Ned Ryun suggests, with some luck January may bring a new Speaker of the House. A conservative Speaker. And this is the kind of plain talk -- the truth --- that the American people need to hear.

We're not going to raise the debt ceiling without spending cuts that address the so-called "Stimulus" package, which was sold as a one-time, emergency measure. We're not going to raise the debt ceiling without these necessary cuts, because our entire system faces a fiscal disaster without them.

By the way, we don't live in a dictatorship. We live in a Republic with checks and balances.

If the President attempts to illegally raise the debt ceiling without Congress and thereby violates the Constitution, there are remedies and we will hold him accountable.

Furthermore, we are not going to raise the debt ceiling without three questions being answered by Senator Harry Reid and the President:

1. At what point will Democrats have borrowed enough from America's young people and from future generations? Is there a dollar limit or a percentage of GDP they can point to and say, "That's it! That's the limit!"?

2. At what point will Democrats have spent enough? Is there a dollar limit or a threshold of GDP that, once surpassed, they admit their central planning in the housing, health care, retirement, banking and other markets have failed?

3. How much longer will Democrats operate the country without a budget? For the first time in modern American history, Democrats have refused to pass a budget for three years in a row, an act which no country, no state, no city, and certainly no family would ever tolerate.

Because if they can't identify any limits on their spending -- if they recognize no constraints to their policies nor learn from the past -- then they are tacitly admitting that they intend to poison, through bankruptcy and fiscal chaos, the American system of government.

None of America's young people should tolerate this fiscal destruction and I pledge that this Congress will stand up for America's youth. We will not tolerate Democrats poisoning the wellspring of freedom any longer.

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carlito said...

Not Gonna Happen ... Boehner will be House Speaker for the next Congress.

Really need to break out of that bubble you are living in. A whole new world is out there.