Saturday, December 06, 2014

MELT THEIR SWITCHBOARDS DOWN: Tell Republicans That Obamnesty Must Be Defunded Next Week!

By Chris Chmielenski

The situation surrounding House Speaker John Boehner's plan to fully fund Pres. Obama's executive amnesty is getting dicey!

Reports on Wednesday indicated that Boehner would turn to House Democrats to pass two spending bills -- one that funds most of the government through September of 2015 and one that funds the Department of Homeland Security through the early part of 2015 -- should he lose more Republican votes than he can afford.

But House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi met with her caucus on Thursday and strongly urged them not to commit to Boehner. She told them that by offering support before seeing the final bills, Democrats give up what little leverage they have over the bills' details.

Pelosi's hardline, combined with a growing number of Republicans coming out against Boehner's plan to fund Obama's amnesty, may force him to choose sides -- either Republicans who want to defund Obama's amnesty or Democrats who want more of their own policy goals included in the spending bills.

As radio talk show host, Mark Levin, put it: "Will Republicans fund Obama's fundamental transformation of America?" Or will they uphold their campaign promises and do everything they can to stop Obama?

The constant barrage of phone calls from our activists over the last several weeks has truly made an impact. We still have more work to do, but the fact that Boehner is thinking about turning to Democrats means that a lot of Republicans are threatening 'no' votes on the bills. Those lawmakers wouldn't be bucking leadership if it weren't for the pressure from their constituents.

Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) attributed the shifting attitudes among GOP ranks to the tireless activism efforts of NumbersUSA members.

"Right now, it is just snowballing opposition," Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp told The Daily Caller Wednesday.

"Twenty-four hours ago, there was little [opposition] there... [but] more and and more folks are learning the issue and asking 'Why would I be voting for this?'" he said, citing quiet conversations he's had with GOP members. "It is hard to put numbers on it," he said, adding that legislators are responding to their voters' phone calls and complaints.

House Leadership is looking to move fast before too many more Republicans decide to oppose their plan. The House is out of session until Tuesday, and it's likely that Appropriations Committee Chairman, Hal Rogers of Kentucky, will file the 'CRomnibus' spending bills first thing on Tuesday. That could allow the Rules Committee to take up the bill on Tuesday afternoon followed by a vote on the House floor on Wednesday afternoon.

We've posted several faxes to your Action Board this week, including a new one telling your three Members of Congress about the lawsuit filed by 17 states that Roy told you about yesterday. Please visit your Action Board, so offices are filled with messages to defund Obama's amnesty when the Members return on Tuesday.

Will McConnell do what he says?

On Thursday night, soon-to-be Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) was interviewed by Fox News' Greta Van Susteren. She asked how he would handle a situation where there's deep division between Republicans and Pres. Obama.

"Let me tell what you you do. You pass each bill that funds the government separately and in those bills if you object to bureaucratic regulations of one kind or another, or presidential actions of one kind or another, you literally write in to the spending bill restrictions."

-- Sen. McConnell

Over the next week, Republicans have an opportunity to do exactly what McConnell is calling for and what RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said the Party would do -- defund Obama's amnesty in the spending bills.

When asked yesterday if Republicans would defund Obama's amnesty in early 2015, Boehner wouldn't provide an answer. It appears that, despite what GOP leaders are saying, they're not willing to challenge Pres. Obama on immigration. That's why the time to defund his amnesty must be in next week's spending bills.


Anonymous said...

If the Republicans want to see how many of their voters can stay home ion Election Day Nov 2016, their supporting A budget that funds Obama's unconstitutional Executive actions "legislating" amnesty is definitely a way to find out if it will exceed the 4 million that stayed home in 2012.

denis miller said...

I still think that a third party, a real conservative party, will emerge from all this if the RINO's don't smarten up and get with the program they were elected on.

commoncents said...

Joy To The World -- Flash Mob: The U.S. Air Force Band at the Smithsonian

Anonymous said...

An open letter to the GOP on impeachment and a new party
I know you folks in the ‘elite’ of the GOP are all fat and happy thinking you can take the base for granted. At times you even royally screw us over and expect we’ll just stick with you no matter what like good little minions.
Delusional thinking in an echo chamber can be a very dangerous combination.

So let me try and penetrate your little bubble of self delusion with a few salient facts so you can change course before it’s too late. You failed to see the warning of Romney’s defeat and you insist on screwing us over on other issue so we need to read you the riot act.
The next election is a bit of a way off, so now would be a good time for all of us in the party to decide what you in the ‘elite’ are going to do and what we in the base WILL do if you don’t heed our warnings.
Obama’s Impeachment
Like most lawbreakers Obama is not going to stop himself – he’s going to have to be stopped by people willing to apply the rule of law.

We know this is your attitude: “Ohhhh, don’t make me do this. Ohhhh, this is too hard” but you were elected to stop his illegal acts instead of prancing around pretending to do so. The man said that he wanted to “fundamentally transform” (Read: Destroy) the country, so what makes you think he gives a flying fig about the law, your silly little lawsuits or even his own Commiecratic national party?

Get it through your thick skulls: Obama doesn’t care about the rule of law, your legal machinations or even the plight of his own party. He is out to “fundamentally transform” the place and if that necessitates breaking few eggs and a few laws, so be it.
So far he’s violated the rule of law and you’re fooling yourselves if you think he’s done doing so.

What’s to stop him from granting full citizenship to the invader aliens from across the border and giving himself a voting majority to rubber stamp his continued actions?

What’s to stop him from having a sham referendum on his actions so far – with 30 – 40 million extra people to tip the scales in his direction?

What’s to stop him from canceling future elections and staying in power until his turns the nation in to a smoking ruin?

Impeachment? It is to laugh, at every turn you GOP losers preemptively surrender with a no impeachment pledge and thus Obama gets what he wants with no consequences whatsoever.

At some point it’s going to dawn on you that impeachment is exactly what will have to be done.(That dawned on the rest of us years ago)
In the meantime, we have a petty little tyrant who is too overly impressed with his own intellect and you keep knuckling under whatever he’s been doing.

And we the little people in the party have you ‘elite’ GOP Losers who think you know better and listen to the other side more than we.
By the way, just so you know: they don’t have our best interests at heart, they would like to see the GOP disappear. I know that may be a shocking revelation for you, but you really need to know that.

So in their quest to destroy you (which you happily are going along with) they want an over whelming majority of voters for their Commiecratic party. And you keep playing right along.

You think you can this because there is no other place for us to go, I mean the elections are right around the corner and everyone has to pull together….

Except the elections aren’t right around the corner…………………..

A New Party

Thus is the reason for this missive.
You people in the GOP elite are very much like Obama in that there are remedies to stop your actions – in your case that would be the base leaving en mass and forming a new party
You don’t think that is going to happen and you take us for granted.

Well, right now the elections are in the distance and it would be just a good a time as any to start the process. And besides, forming a new party isn’t ‘too hard’ in comparison to the country being destroyed by the Commiecrats.

Anonymous said...

An open letter to the GOP on impeachment and a new party


So here’s the deal – you grow some balls and stand up to Obama or we will walk.

Many have done so already (many of who are asking: dude, what took you so long?)

Without a doubt the refrain will be that a new party could lose because it’ll take a while to get up an running.
This is true, but you in the GOP elite are doing your best to bring that about anyway, so ‘what difference does it make?’
As long as you pursue the stupid strategy of incrementally giving the left whatever it wishes there is no point keeping with a sinking party, capiche?

Our friends over in the Marxist left of the DNC are rapidly destroying their own cause trying to keep in going in foundation of lies, false narratives and corruption.
Their party is dead, and we’re just waiting for the coroner to pick up the body. Sure it’s still twitching with socialist nonsense like wealth inequality and endless charges of racism, but history has shown its days are numbered.
It’s main stream media that keeps the Commiecrats on life support.

It’s keeps on slaving away propping it up with lies and distractions but that can only last for so long.

Then like a house of card the hallowed out edifice of the left will collapse in a cloud of ‘transparency’ dust.

With that future in mind, it appears that things will shake out such that you folks will become the ‘new left’ (Aside from the leftist extremists heading over to the CPUSA)

This is where a new party will come into play, made up of the people you now take for granted.

But that doesn’t have to be, you can reverse course. But you had better make it soon.

It’s your choice GOP, make it a good one.