Thursday, October 01, 2015

Guy who intentionally distributed thousands of assault weapons to criminals offers America lectures on gun control

To paraphrase Rahm Emanuel, never let a tragedy go to waste.

Such is the situation with Democrats, who have once again attempted to leverage a tragic mass-shooting in Oregon as yet another lever to confiscate America's guns.

The sheer idiocy of such advocacy never seems to cross their addled brains. After all, nothing short of a time machine will un-invent guns; new 3D printers have made the home manufacturing of firearms a reality; and the idea of confiscating 800 million guns seems rather irrational when Leftists argue that deporting a few million illegal aliens is impossible.

As it turns out, the Oregon shooter asked victims their religion before shooting them. I don't know, but for me that spells "Militant Quaker terror attack" all the way -- not the typical work of a right-wing Constitutionalist.

So leave it to the terror apologist, racialist hack, and former Attorney General Eric "Nation of Cowards" Holder to weigh in:

Anyone else remember Holder's "Operation Fast and Furious"?

That was the Obama administration's attempt to destroy the Second Amendment by running guns to Mexican drug cartels, a feat designed to bolster White House propaganda that Mexico's drug war was fueled by American guns. It was all a load of horsecrap.

In fact, the Obama-Holder gun-running operation in concert with Mexico's drug industry was arguably "the biggest scandal in U.S. history."

Holder's guns led to the death of multiple U.S. law enforcement officials including Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

Eric Holder lecturing Americans on gun control makes about as much sense as Barack Obama's foreign policy.

Which is to say: none, except if you are a Leftist progbat.

P.S., My earlier work on Fast and Furious apparently so enraged the Obama administration that po' li'l ol' me made the White House Enemies List, along with real luminaries like Sean Hannity, Matthew Boyle, and Andrew C. McCarthy.

So I got that going for me, which is nice.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.


DeWalt said...

It would be a helluva a note if it turn out a Fast and Furious gun. This whole incident would disappear overbite.
Also no mention by any of them about Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Congrats dude on your infamy-there had to have been a reason you've been at the top of my bookmarks for several years now-it must be a great source of pride to know your tireless work has been recognized by….the proper authorities.

Stan25 said...

No one is a a real enemy of the state until the IRS has a go at auditing a person's income taxes for the last 10 years.