Thursday, October 01, 2015

The Impressive Performance of the Obama Economy in One Simple Chart

Yesterday the non-partisan Congressional Research Service published a brand new report on poverty in America [PDF]. One chart especially struck me:

Notice that after each recession -- depicted in the sudden, upward moves in poverty rate -- a recovery quickly ensued. Each event looks like a pyramid. Until Obama.

For each recession in American history the pattern repeated itself: a rapid rise in the poverty rate, followed by a quick recovery as the economy steamed back.

That is, until Barack Obama took office. Obama has been -- in the words of Mark Levin -- an economic wrecking ball. Whether through nationalizing health care or regulatory strangulation, America's most "historic" president has simply devastated the country's poorest citizens.

The science, as they say, is settled.

Mr. Obama is historic, all right.

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The MUSEman said...

I hope the President doesn't see this chart: He'd spin it as the perfect proof for enacting more "Wealth Redistribution" via more punative taxation, repeal of the ObamaCare "Cadillac Tax", increased subsidies for Green Energy, forgiveness of Student Loan debt, increasing the Minimum Wage, etc. ad nauseum.