Saturday, December 05, 2015

LEVERAGE: Why Karl Rove and Jeb Bush Don’t Fear Marco Rubio a Bit

Tossed over the transom by an anonymous (and very reputable) source:

Do you know who the woman on the left is?

Her name is Jill Kelley. She's from Tampa.

Do you remember the Petraeus story and Paula Broadwell emailing the "other woman"?

In 2012, Kelley, a Florida socialite with connections to diplomatic and military circles, issued a complaint to the FBI in May 2012 over a series of anonymous stalking e-mails she had received. The threatening emails were traced to Paula Broadwell, the biographer that had an affair with General David Petraeus. Kelley became a focus of media coverage when her name was leaked (as the victim) of the FBI investigation.

An investigation revealed the socialite was also in close contact with America's top commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen who ended up retiring (please note: "Jill Kelley emails depict a striving Tampa socialite and a smitten military brass").

More recently, she's been involved with litigation surrounding current DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson related to the various military investigations and allegations of leaks.

Lawyers for Jill Kelley subpoenaed Johnson to testify about his knowledge of a complex inquiry that unfolded after Kelley complained to the FBI in 2012 that someone was sending derogatory statements and threats about her to various of her associates, including Marine Gen. John Allen and Petraeus, and seemed aware of private details about their schedules.

The probe revealed an extramarital relationship between Petraeus and his biographer, Paula Broadwell. That discovery led to Petraeus's resignation shortly after the 2012 elections. However, in a lawsuit filed in 2013 Kelley alleged that the FBI and the Defense Department leaked personal information about her to the media, including suggestions that she had a sexual relationship with Allen. Kelley has adamantly denied any impropriety.

There are now unsubstantiated rumors flying around the bowels of the Internet that a Rubio affairs scandal is poised to detonate (and the word "affairs" is plural for a reason):

Numerous national media outlets are pursuing multiple allegations of infidelity involving U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida – all in the aftermath of the “mistress bomb” report we published earlier this week.

Specifically, three mainstream media outlets have independently supplied us with the names of two additional women said to be romantically linked to the GOP establishment’s candidate of choice. These names are in addition to the woman we referenced earlier this week – a lobbyist whose alleged proximity to Rubio was discovered during a deep dive into the candidate’s disastrous personal finances.

Meanwhile, a national operative familiar with the opposition research on Rubio described his extramarital dalliances as “serial.”

“He is going down,” the operative told us point blank.

Now you know why Karl Rove and Jeb Bush haven't lost any sleep worrying about Marco Rubio.

Update: More here:

I’ll have more to reveal on Rubio as we get closer to the material being relevant. Why publish now? It’s not like he’s rising in the polls. Why not wait until the debates or until the January caucus?

Let’s be clear here: I have the names of the women, I have the addresses, and I have the evidence. It is a little funny that people who can’t do the work always seem to say it can’t be done.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.


Pat Ryan said...

Why is it that Jill has her head cocked at a 45 degree angle in every group picture she's in? Something seriously not right with her.

Anonymous said...

Kelley's full name is Jill Khawam Kelley. She's of Christian Lebanese descent. Debbie Schlussel nails her (and her sister, Natalie) as a Muslim and Hezbullah-connected agent of influence and stealth lobbyist in US military and political circles. See Schlussel's blogpost:

So much for Rubio's pro-Israel stance. It's as phony as he is.

Anonymous said...

Kelley was about petraeus, not rubio.

Anonymous said...

Kelley's about Rubio, too.

Anonymous said...

First off, Jeb is all done. Unless Papa Bush pulls a Joe Kennedy and buys the election for him. Karl Rove would just use the information to steer Rubio in the direction Rove wants him to go.
I think the real winner if Marco's bimbo eruption is real is Ted Cruz.
I wonder who leaked this info and put the dogs on the scent???

Anonymous said...

Pat Ryan, if you notice the other woman is also angled and tilted, though not as pronounced. I believe that it is a standard "socialite pose", and Kelley (like everything else) just takes it to the extreme.

Anonymous said...

"First off, Jeb is all done. Unless Papa Bush pulls a Joe Kennedy and buys the election for him."

#1, this isn't the sixties and #2, he doesn't have the juice.

Dale Day said...

Another hatchet job on a GOP candidate with a chance of winning? Or something with a basis of truth?

Is there something about people in power being unable to stand up against the wiles of scheming women? And with a wife like the one he has (on the right), why in the hell would he even consider looking elsewhere?