Tuesday, December 01, 2015

The Real Climate Crisis that the Global Warming Scammers are Ignoring

By Karl Denninger

No, folks, it's not "globull warming."

I know, I know, we're all going to drown if we don't "stop" it.  Of course this means forcing India and China to cut carbon emissions, since they're the largest emission growth engines and will be for the foreseeable future, following by sub-Saharan Africa and other parts of the world that are yet to become industrialized nations.

That is never going to happen without the use of force -- that is, killing people -- and for good reason too, because if you live in a straw hut you'd probably like to do better, and to do better you need energy.

The real reason to impose carbon taxes and similar nonsense is to disadvantage the west and our modern society for the purpose of control while giving huge sums of money to favored people to redistribute under the guise of "leadership."  What it really amounts to is theft at gunpoint used for "global welfare payments."

Nothing more or less. Further, it gets (much) worse.

 The data has been and continues to be manipulated and lied about; original data is not kept, "massaged" data is claimed to be original, records that don't comport with what someone wants to show are either ignored, buried, modified or even erased and those who challenge the "narrative" are drummed out of their positions or are even threatened with prosecution and lawsuits.

Scientists don't act this way.  Thugs, racketeers, thieves and tyrants, on the other hand, regularly do -- and that's what all of this so-called "movement" has turned into.

It would be nice if that was the worst of it, but sadly, it's not.

We have known for a couple hundred years that solar flux -- that is, the amount of energy the Sun emits toward Earth (and everywhere else) varies on a roughly 11-12 year cycle.  The reason isn't really a function of the sun's output per-se; rather, it's a function of the sunspot coverage.  See, dark things emit (and absorb) more heat than light things, so when there are more sunspots there is more energy emitted into space than when there are fewer sunspots.

What we haven't really figured out, until apparently now, is exactly why these cycles occur.  There have been many theories but that's all they have been because they refused to verify across past experience -- and had little predictive power.

In other words you could see a trend in the sunspot cycles, but you didn't know why the trend was happening.

That may have now changed.

Apparently magnetic field studies have been analyzed and a pattern found in the magnetic fields of the Sun that correlates extremely well with the sunspot cycles and their intensity.

That data and analysis, if it proves up not only in a backtest (which it has) but forward in the next couple of cycles predicts something you are not ready for, and neither are the global climate screamers.

That is, specifically, A Maunder Minimum.

The last time this happened was in the mid 1600s and it lasted about fifty years.  Global temperatures dropped enough that the River Thames completely froze, which essentially never happens.  In today's world the impact of such an event would likely be catastrophic with severe famine impacts through the developing world.

Please note that during the last hundred years, during which our supposed CO2 emissions have caused all the warming, has exactly coincided with a modern maximum of solar emissivity that has set records back to well before 1000 AD.  This has been verified through radiocarbon dating (since accurate temperature records of course do not exist for that time period!)

This leads to a very cogent argument that CO2 is not the cause of global climate change at all and may in fact be an effect.

If this discovery verifies, and we'll know within a decade whether it looks like it's going to and we spend trillions of dollars mitigating that which we cannot change as the actual cause is solar emissions and the cycle is turning against us toward an extended cooler period we will have squandered those funds and more than a billion people will die as a direct and avoidable consequence.

I challenge those pushing this narrative today over in France, as well as everywhere else, with this: If you are wrong, and it is in fact solar emission that causes these shifts, which we will know if the prognosticated and catastrophic cooling occurs, then those deaths should and must be held criminally chargeable against each and every one of you who supports this with appropriate legal sanction being applied.

In short, if you are one of the people supporting the "global warming" screamfest and by doing so you intend to grossly increase the cost of living to mitigate what you claim will be an unspeakable tragedy that will otherwise happen, and you are proved wrong and the tragedy occurs in the opposite direction after you forcibly steal those funds and squander them your ass goes to the gallows to be hanged and we then allow your carcass to be consumed by fire ants as justice demands that you pay for the deaths you will be responsible for.

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Anonymous said...

Some farmers in Canada can grow some grain crops at 60 degrees north. Consider how many tens of thousands of acres will be cut from food production for every 1/10 of a degree cooler the climate becomes.

For my part, I am just looking for some sound research showing the optimum climate for our present biosphere. There is almost no research being done on that topic.

It is no surprise that almost every demand made by advocates of Anthropogenic Global Warming (er, now "climate chage") converges on bigger government, higher taxes, less freedom and more restrictions. That tells me all I need to know about this massive fraud.

Climate change is just an excuse to support and advance socialism. It will be very expensive for everyone. As those who supported socialism in the Soviet Union and Camboia found out, it will cost them their very lives. The only people who will not pay are the wise self-appointed overlords and those few who get the generous crony contracts.

-- theBuckWheat