Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Harry Reid gives GOP direct warning on healthcare; I give Harry Reid a direct warning: start looking for outplacement services

The Hill reports that Senate Majority Leader Harry ("Loser") Reid is now issuing direct threats to Republicans ("Reid gives GOP direct warning on healthcare").

Reid told Republicans that he would prefer to pass healthcare reform under regular order but warned that he would not hesitate to use budget reconciliation if the legislation stalled in committee. The Senate Finance Committee began marking up a sprawling healthcare reform bill on Tuesday morning.

...Reid then spelled out how healthcare would pass under budget reconciliation proceedings, giving his colleagues a clear picture of what they face if they fail to reach bipartisan agreement.

“On reconciliation, under the order, there’s only 20 hours of debate,” Reid explained...

Here's a warning for you, Reid. Consider it career counseling. Or, rather, end-of-career counseling.

Go ahead, make my day. We will spend whatever it takes, call as many Nevada voters as we can, write and email as much material as it takes (your pathetic record on the economy since taking over in 2006, for starters) to defeat you in 2010.

Does the year 1994 ring a bell? Well, the outrage now dwarfs that of '94. Americans aren't ready for Dear Leader's brand of socialism. Not by a long shot.

You want to overhaul one-sixth of the economy, against the wishes of the American people, with 20 hours of debate?

Hey, Reid: call an outplacement service. Now. Before the rush.

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