Sunday, September 20, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: 20 questions for the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission

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The woman Michelle Obama dare not mention: Malkin
Obama: Racism Is Not The ‘Main Issue’: S&L
ACORN roundup: Examiner

Holder Exposed: Barrack
Obama blames me and cable for health care failure: GWP
Jindal halts funding of ACORN: S&L

Virginia GOP hammers ACORN: Surber
An Olympic-sized boondoggle in Chi-town: Malkin
R.I.P., Irving Kristol: TAB

Romney: Obama 'can't spin his record': CNN
Dr. Barack and Mr. Obama: Hanson
The POW/MIA Ceremony: Maggie's Farm


20 questions for the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission: Hennessey
The New Protectionism: AT (Smith)
Fannie and Freddie are circling the drain: Alex

Fending off the envy impulses of the socialist state: PJM (London)
End the Fed? Ron Paul Is Wrong for All the Right Reasons: Bloomberg


Breitbart: A conservative rebel with a cause: Times
The Full Ginsberg: PJM (Fernandez)

'Pimp' in ACORN video shares story: LAT
Wallace: Obama's People "Biggest Bunch of Crybabies I've Seen in 30 Years Here": Ace
ACORN threatens to open Pandora's box: Politico

Breitbart: "Blockbuster" Hit from "Left Field" Next Week: Ace
Carter's racist past dropped down memory hole: Driscoll
We all know Media Matters is a partisan-hack site, but we didn’t know they were this bad at it: NoisyRoom

That 'Kennedy killed by the right' myth: Corner
New York Times beclowns itself: AT (Lifson)
State-Run Media Shocker... John Edwards Fathered Mistress' Child While Wife Was On Chemo: GWP


Colorado terror suspect admits connection to al-Qaeda: Fausta
Eerie parallels, circa 1960: RSM
Is the President 'fed up' with Israel?: RBO

Brzezinski Calls for Obama to Shoot Down Israeli Jets: WklyStd
Al Qaeda to Germans: vote Merkel out or face “bitter” consequences: PJM (Rosenthal)
Warning to American and what's left of the West: NewZeal


Official: FCC to Propose 'Net Neutrality' Rules: ABC


Inside The Inboxes of 15 Fictional Villains: Cracked

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