Monday, September 14, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Big Media Ignores ACORN Scandal

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Conservative Woodstock Rocks the Capital: LATL
United We Stand: Tackett
A Black Man Without a Teleprompter: NewsBusters

Another ACORN expose in New Orleans: Gumshoe
Barack Obama jumps the shark: AT (Schwartz)
I am American: Black Republican

The Wound: American Digest
Blago: My friend's death will not be in vain: Marathon
Grow up!: Surber

Clean conservatives vs. filthy liberals: GWP
Eloquent Report on March to Washington: MoneyRunner
Secret ACORN: PJM (Fernandez)


Brilliant: Obama sets off trade war with China: Bloomberg
But I thought it was just a 'Panic'?: Denninger
New York Faces Dramatic Consequences of Crisis: Spiegel

Shadow Inventory and the Great Public Swindle.: DHB


Obama as Tony Soprano: PJM (Kimball)
MoDo channels racist voices: No Quarter
Editor of HuffPo's Health Unit Mocks Death of Cornell Student: SIGIS

Big Media Ignores ACORN Scandal: BigGov
Stay classy, CNN: Daley Gator
Accidental Piracy: Maggie's Farm

Busting another state-run media lie: proof 1 million attended 9/12 DC: GWP
60 Minutes' Steve Kroft: a Swooning Sycophant: LegalIns
Newsweek Endorses Death Panels: Aces

Much Ado: PJM (Fernandez)
9/12 attendance issues addressed: Riehl
Is It ‘Conspiratorial’ to Discuss Obama’s Authoritarian Tendencies?: PJM (Grabar)

New York Tass admits it was 'a beat behind' Van Jones story: AT (Moran)

Climate & Energy

Time: the future. Place: Britain: STACLU
Nobel Prize winner Norman Borlaug has died, 'saved more human lives than any other', was a climate skeptic: Depot


New Arab Strategy: Israel Gives Up Everything, and Then Maybe Gets Something in Exchange: Rubin
Exposing the weapons of the weak: JPost
Don't kid yourself; the Jihad continues: Matzav


Microsoft, Best Buy Slides Slam Apple, Linux: MicrosoftWatch


Susan Boyle's Wild Horses: Susan Boyle
Serena Williams Launches into Tirade at US Open: BlogProf
National Endowment for the Art of Persuasion?: BigHollywood

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