Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pat Buchanan, Truther

I've despised Patrick J. Buchanan for years.

His thinly veiled calls for racial divisiveness.

His underhanded attempts to market holocaust denial on his website.

His ludicrous claim that Hitler was really a misunderstood pacifist.

Buchanan should have been persona non grata at any respectable outlet years ago, but I'm hopeful his latest outrageous decision will put a stake in the heart of his pathetic mainstream media career once and for all.*

Buchanan's site is now pitching 9/11 Trutherism -- the disgusting, hard left religion that asserts George W. Bush secretly planned the 9/11 attacks.

...Another problem that the 9/11 Truth Movement faces is that few people have the education to follow the technical and scientific aspects...

For example, consider the case of the Lockerbie bomber. One piece of “evidence” that was used to convict Magrahi was a piece of circuit board from a device that allegedly contained the Semtex that exploded the airliner. None of the people, who have very firm beliefs in Magrahi’s and Libya’s guilt and in the offense of the Scottish authorities in releasing Magrahi on allegedly humanitarian grounds, know that circuit boards of those days have very low combustion temperatures and go up in flames easily. Semtex produces very high temperatures. There would be nothing whatsoever left of a device that contained Semtex. It is obvious to an expert that the piece of circuit board was planted after the event...

So not only is this idiot -- hosted by Buchanan -- selling the rancid excretion known as Trutherism... he's also asserting that the Pan Am 103 terrorist attack, the subsequent investigation, the military operations that followed... all were somehow orchestrated by mysterious forces.

Pat Buchanan is no conservative.

He's a freaking disgrace and a crackpot... the ideological equivalent of Jimmy Carter or Bill Maher.

Come to think of it, Maher's is the one show that should warmly welcome Putz Buchanan. All six viewers should have a ball.

* Except for MSNBC, which no longer qualifies as a media outlet due to viewership lower than airport radar.

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