Saturday, September 19, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Democrat solution for illegals and health care? Amnesty!

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Obama’s solution on illegals and health care? Amnesty: Hot Air
Seven ex-CIA chiefs: Drop the probe: Surber
Mandatory Insurance Is Unconstitutional: WSJ

Taxpayer-funds filtering activists to ACORN: BigGov
Connecting the Insidious Obama and ACORN Nexus: Aces
Obama and MA's next Senator: Patterico

Back on Uncle Sam's Plantation: Parker
Are you a racist?: Power Line
Senate's ACORN defender Gillibrand in trouble: JWF

ACORN's history of prostitution: NRO
Obama: legalize illegals to get them health care: GWP
McCain: Carter worst president of 20th century: Hot Air

Nancy, your side is the violent one: Surber
Let them eat arugula!: Fausta


ACORN's Illegal Alien Home Loan Racket : Malkin
General Electric: Obama's Halliburton?: AT (Regan)
SEIU: Anti-American teabagging extremists need to elevate discourse: Hot Air

Health Reform Allies MoveOn and ACORN have an enemies list: Times
Tort reform worked in West Virginia: Surber
Does He Lie?: Hammer

Surprise: Chysler chief owes $1.4M in taxes, delinquent loans: BlogProf
Sen: Rockefeller: no idea how we'll pay for ObamaCare: Surber
'Economy back from the brink' as 42 states lose jobs in August, up from 29: BlogProf

New boss? Same as the old boss — only worse. Lessons not learned.: RBO


Our paranoid, race-baiting media: Karl
Pelosi almost brought to tears: Surber
WaPo Finally Finds an ACORN-Related Scandal: Hannah Giles's Father: NRO

Bait as we say, not as we do: Crittenden
How to find millions of racists: AT (Wright)
AP warns Democrats: time to ease off on the race-baiting: Hot Air

Media Matters smears Hot Air: Verum Serum


Poland reacts to Obama's theft of missile defense: Treason!: GWP
What they really think: Power Line
Live-blogging the Iranian demonstrations: Ledeen

Former Iranian President Attacked By Hardliners in Tehran: GWP
Sucker-r-r-r-: JWF
High Holy Days: Kesler

Dumbest Speaker In History: Selling Out Eastern Europe 'Brilliant': JWF
Massive Iranian Protest on Al-Qods Day: GWP


Google vs. Apple: who's telling the truth?: CNet
AT&T to offer remote PC repairs without system booting: Infoworld


Awesomely bad engagement photos: Guidespot
Oh dear, no "Tuscan" kale... what to do.: American Digest
I find your lack of grace disturbing: Treacher

Ferrari 458 Italia aims to sear your eyes out: AutoBlog

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