Friday, September 18, 2009

People of Wal-Mart

Bernie sent this one in...

The ladies love my pink velour stretch pants and cowboy boots.

How am I supposed to slap a ho without an essential part of my balanced breakfast?

The freezer section makes me tingle!

I have this outfit in red, b***hes.

It's all in the parenting.

And while you were reading this, I vomited.

Leotards ain't just for ballet, b***hes.

The sequel to the Da Vinci Code revolves around the mystery of this man's underwear.

The Earth, Wind & Fire Reunion Tour begins... right... here.

If you don't shop with a parakeet, you're missing out on all of the best deals.

You step on my white suede shoes and you're toast.

Eh, what?

You'd never guess it, but these guys are all close friends.

See the flame shoes? Those mean I won't think twice about roundhouse-kicking you into the next zip code!

Every man worth his salt wears a Steelers jersey and hot pink shorts to go shopping.

It's chocolate, I swear to the frickin' Aztec Gods of cocoa!

Sarcasm depleted. No words possible.

The man in the yellow go-go boots knows how to rock the house.


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