Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Stimulating Leftist Causes, But Not the Economy

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ACORN and the AGs: AT (Fitzgibbons)
6 Federal Laws, Regs Violated By NEA Conference Call: BigWood
ACORN Investigations Open Across the Nation: LawHawk

NEA and health propaganda: it's already begun: BigWood
Conyers and Frank: Investigate ACORN: Surber
Hoyer: what ACORN de-funding?: Corner

Congressional tax committee head: yes, it's a tax: Ace
Dems target conservative school board candidates: ASD
ACORN's mysterious sugar daddy: Hot Air


CBO predicts Social Security cash deficits in 2010: Morrissey
The Pacemaker Tax: Surber
Ratings Downgrade: Surowiecki

How Missouri cut junk lawsuits: Blunt
It's Come to This: Toll Lanes Called Racist: JWF
Last person out of Motown, please turn out the lights: BlogProf

Stimulating Leftist Causes, Not the Economy: AT (Shiver)


All the President's Socialists: Where is the Media?: NZ
Michelle Malkin has feelings, too: Beast
Can't all conservatives at least agree that Beck is not the enemy?: RSM

U.S. 'Diversity Czar' Taking Heat: Times
Axelrod beclowns himself trying to explain Obama's opposition to health insurance portability: AT (Lifson)
Left admits: We Claimed to Support "Good War" in Afghanistan as Macho political strategy but We Never Meant It: Ace

Climate & Energy

Politics of Fear -- Obama Tells UN: "Act on Global Warming Or Face 'Irreversible Catastrophe': GWP
Lies about Carbon Emissions: Anchoress
Energy Secretary Chu: Americans Are Like Teenagers: GWP

Nuclear energy: the only solution: PJM (Tipler)


What happened to the 'War of Necessity'?: Greenroom
Obama "Impatient" With 5,000 Year Old Conflict: WklyStd
Khadafy Parks His Tent On Trump Property: JWF

Honduras in crisis, with a hand from President Obama: Hewitt
Here is your Afghan national army: CJ
Pro-Democracy Honduran Supporters Rally Against Marxism in St.Louis: GWP


Did Hitler and Porsche Steal the VW Beetle Design?: PJM


New Tsar Wars Action Figures Are Here: ATO
Who is Vera Baker?: TAB
The Banned Pelosi-Bush-Frank SNL Skit: SNL

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