Friday, September 25, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Who are the Branch Carbonians?

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The Leader of the Free World: Doc Zero
Obama stifles dissent on health care reform: McConnell
HHS 1997 supports HMO Freedom of Speech: NewsBusters

White House moves to obscure ACORN, union ties: Ace
Dear Leader Cult Video School Sing-a-Long: Malkin
Obama and ACORN, a Love Story: PJM (de Russy)

GOP aides: ACORN misusing contributions: Breitbart
Beware of the Stalin lurking behind progressive hearts: Tapscott
President Cunningham: Lane


'Unexpectedly': the AP's new favorite word to describe economy: BlogProf
Great employment news! Fed payrolls rise 1.3%: Ace
Schiff Blasts Dodd and His Plan to Create Super Agency: ABN

Czar Watch: Testify before Congress or lose your funding: Malkin
Defense Cuts on the Way: Forbes
Excellent News: Obama Giving $400K to Khadafy Charity: JWF

WTF. Seriously. WTF.: GrumpyUnk


FCC Czar wants parallel government broadcasting system: AT (Cary)
Ed Schultz on MSNBC: “Republicans Want to See You Dead": Greenroom
They walk among us: Parkway Rest Stop

Future of newspapers brings few to hearing: Times

Climate & Energy

Who are the Branch Carbonians?: Tapscott
Envirowackos Have An Issue With Your Delicate Posterior: STACLU
The Dog Ate My Global Warming Evidence: Ace


Hillary flunks out: PJM (Rubin)
Honduras, alone against the world: JWF
Killer rules of engagement: Prairie

War. What is it good for?: Classic Liberal
Gadhafi endorses Obama, and other U.N. lunacies: Examiner
Theories of Obama: Pundette


A face-to-face meet for Twitterers: BizWk


Drawing for the "O": Sarjex
From the (way) TMI files: RSM

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