Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: How To Be A 21st Century Bigot

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An illustrated guide: All the president’s Olympic cronies: Malkin
Sunstein: Governments must fund abortion: RBO
Massive Voter Fraud in NY Linked to ACORN: BigGov

Why Medical Malpractice Is Off Limits: WSJ
Obama Lied About Another Insurance Case: S&L
WFP/ACORN Voter Fraud in Troy, NY: Lane

Barack Obama's Work Ethic: AT (Lasky)
Deeds cuts margin in VA governor's race: Times


Bidding for the Olympics, Chicago-Style: Tapscott
Mark-to-Myth Losers: Americans: Denninger
Graph of the Day: AT (Hoven)

The SEIU official with an ACORN email address: Red State
Senate Finance Committee Rejects Public Option: Ace
Wall Street Money Rains on Chmuck Schumer: Politico

Shocker: Government Employees Sit on Their Asses Looking At Porn: Ace


How To Be A 21st Century Bigot: InstaPundit
What They're Telling Us: Steyn
Author Claims Two Sources for Ayers' Role in Dreams: AT (Cashill)

Unmasking Obama: AT (Lifson)
Sen. Grassley Highlights VS Videos During Senate Finance Markup: Verum Serum
Andy Williams, George Santayana, Ann Althouse, Liberals on Obama: Kesler

Kelsee Brown is not, repeat not, a right-wing extremist: RSM
Video: Coulter on Liberal takeover of Public Schools: BlogProf
Three years on the Watchers' Council: Soccer Dad

Climate & Energy

The New Nixon: a Coverup, Tapes, and a Modified ‘Midnight Massacre’: BigGov
Coldest Winter in the Decade. Next?: Fausta


Behaving like we were born yesterday: Aces
Mr. President: The Alternative to Victory is Defeat: Rubin
Hands Off Honduras: Totten

Over the River and Through the Woods to…the Iranian Bomb: Rosett
Gingrich blasts administration for backing leftist criminal in Honduras: GWP
Death penalty for women who fake "virginity": Ziyon


Phenomics—the Phinal Phrontier: Psychology Today (Oakley)


Hoskins Cemetary Road: RSM
The Manchurian President: PJM (Vodkapundit)
Weekend Caption Contest Winners: Wizbang

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