Friday, September 11, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: A Masterpiece Of Charlatanry For The Naive

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A Masterpiece Of Charlatanry For The Naive: Sowell
One can't sound like Lincoln if there is no message: Hanson
Guess who interrupted Bush's 2006 speech?: GWP

Interview with Joe Wilson: Riehl
Dissecting a Speech to Nowhere: BlogProf
ACORN's latest lawbreaking: PJM (Feldman)

Cheney and Rumsfeld: Still Heroes to Some: PJM (Gould)
At the top of the televangelist's game: Pruden
ACORN: more accused of vote fraud in Florida: BlogProf

Bush never did that: Pools
Uncivil debate: blatant insults in Obama's speech: BigPic
It's a No-Fly Zone: It's Too Christian: YouTube

9-11: the Desecration: AT (Geller)


ACORN attempts to 'stimulate' the economy: Powers
Okay, I've seen enough: Scratching Post
The view from North Carolina: AFP

Is the U.S. bankrupt?: AT (Morin)


Stossel to Fox Business - Smart Move: Riehl
Obama seen failing to sway health debate: Times
Detroit press on Granholm's $1.1 billion tax hike: BlogProf

AP and Reason fact-check Obama's speech: Hot Air
Alan Binder: 'Obama is no socialist': ushanka
It’s come to this: Olbermann lectures Joe Wilson: Hot Air

Own it, Mr. Secretary: Villanous Company

Climate & Energy

WaPo: Climate hysteria may be another bubble waiting to burst: Depot


Obama at the UN: Hazards Large and Small: Corner
Human Rights Watch sends out the sockpuppets: Elder of Ziyon
Likelihood of Israeli military action has now gone through the roof: Corner

Verdict first; investigation afterwards: Soccer Dad


U.S.S. Independence (LCS-2): A Triple Hulled, Weapons-Laden Monster: LGAI
Panel says NASA needs private alternatives: S&L
Audi President: Chevy Volt is a "Car for Idiots": MSN Autos


9/11 Photo Essay: ‘Never Forget, Never Give In’: BMW

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