Sunday, September 13, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Yep, the picture is real, nutroots

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9/12 Recap

Yes, the picture is real, nutroots: Malkin
How successful was the march on DC?: Pundette
12,000 patriots in Quincy, IL: GWP

Tea Party firsthand from DC: This ain't Hell
Aerial shots: 9/12 vs. Inauguration: TAB
A tale of two crowds: TAB

Photos from Washington: Corner
Let the Tea Party begin: Tackett
Thank you, Joe Wilson: Protein


Where is Obama's "Center"?: Steyn
It's Chicago: Key Blago adviser found dead: Sun-Times
Obama's Rhetoric vs. Common Sense: Sowell

Obama Administration Stonewalls Black Panther Case: PJM (Rubin)
Quotes of the Day: Remembering: Greenroom
Medicare for Dummies: WSJ

Protest Numbers Debate Masks the Real History Made: PJM (Simon)
ACORN child-pimp scum: Cold Fury
Why Obama could not stage a coup: AT (Walker)

What happened to the 16 million?: Power Line
Support Rubio: RSM


Defending New Jersey isn't easy: Wizbang
The Spending Virus: Doc Zero
Obamanomics: The Californication Of America’s Economy: AJ Strata

Gee, what a surprise: Concern over Stimulus waste and fraud: GRW
Gold climbs to 18-month high as Dollar continues slide: Bloomberg
AARP's ObamaCare ad raises questions: BMW

White House: 1 Million Substandard Jobs Saved Or Created!: AJ Strata
We Americans Spend Money!: Maggie's Farm


Recalling the words of Ward Churchill: Proof
Sycophancy has its rewards: Power Line
Rep. Joe Wilson calls President Obama a liar: 0jaydub

MSM: Move Along... Nothing to See Here! : CFB
New York Times columnist Tom Friedman hails China's one-party autocracy : Barone
How to lose my attention: Parkway

Climate & Energy

El Niño: expected to strengthen and last through winter 2009-2010: Watts


Chamberlain had more spine: Power Line
'We walked into a trap': McClatchy DC
The UN's new site: a worldwide web of bias: Bayefsky

"Take a pill": Single-payer hell in UK as life-saving drug nixed because of cost: BlogProf
Neo-Nazis Join Islamists at Al-Quds Day Demonstration in Berlin: PJM
The Reality: Dr. Sanity

Meanwhile, on the foreign policy front: Q&O


Steve Jobs' return and the Journal's ad placement: CNet


Bernie Madoff's Pads: IZI
A New Classic: GrandRants

Image Credit: A New Classic: GrandRants.

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