Monday, September 28, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: POTUS and SEIU: tight as Heidi Klum's jeans

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ACORN and SEIU: Anatomy of a Shakedown: BigGov (MonCrief)
Is this any way to fight a war?: AT (Geller)
ACORN and its political seed: Parker

POTUS and SEIU: tight as Heidi Klum's jeans: RBO
Stop allowing the Left to set the rules: AT (Marcus)
Liberals seek health-care access for illegals: Times

Obama plays race card; links healthcare to civil rights: STACLU
Obama's G20 Anecdote: Patterico
CAIR Leader Tied to Nazi-Style Islamist Mosque: PJM


Social Security In Deficit; Obama Helped Kill Reform in '06: NewsBusters
Chrysler and the Dirty Rotten Scoundrel: SondraK
Trial lawyers lobby sinks $6.2M in debt: Times

Rights versus Profits: AT (Spivey)
Truth Czar: Obamacare will bankrupt country: GWP
Conyers (D-MI) named Comrade of the Month: BlogProf


No Non-Profit Status for Newspapers: Wizbang
Yikes! Is the MSM turning on Obama?: Aces
Anti-Chicago Olympics story spiked in Chicago: Surber

The burden of proof is on the President, guys: Gormogons
Levin's book leads to 911 call in the Hamptons: Riehl
They don't call it 'Huff and Puff' for nothing: AmDig

Climate & Energy

Put on your snorkels! Head for the hills!: SDA


A Loyal Opposition: Hanson
Avoiding the Unthinkable: Missile Defense and Iran's Nuclear Weapons: Rubin
When is a strategy review not a strategy review?: JOM

Calculus: PJM (Fernandez)
How I learned to love the bomb: BigGov
Obama is no FDR: LegalIns

Riots on Temple Mount come after Obama's demand: RBO
Iran embarrassed by its 'Islamic' rape rooms: Prairie


DNA: Hitler Survived: Surber


Win a $33.18 grant from the Iowahawk Endowment for the Arts: IowaHawk
Fast and Pray: Anchoress
Onion: Little Boy Heroically Shoots Burglar: LGF

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