Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Visualizing the Baucus Bill

Brian at Snapped Shot is a freaking genius:

The four most prominent words in the "new and improved" Democratic healthcare proposal, as put forth by Senator Baucus.

I snagged the full bill text from the useful dolts at the New York Times, after getting an evil idea from Eddie Bear (748 times, by my count). After replacing all variations of "require" (required, requires, requiring) with "REQUIRE," an interesting pattern developed:

What can I say? The Democratic Party lives to "require" things upon you.

Indeed. Isn't that The Way of the Statist™?

Mandate after mandate. How much water your toilet can flush. The size of the car you drive. How much electricity you can use. What kind of light bulbs you can buy.

Even how much care your parents should receive as they grow older... once they nationalize the health care industry (according to the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research, which is not a death panel, you right-wing nuts!).

In good times and bad, the Democrats seize more liberty, more private property from you -- the American taxpayer -- to pay off their backers: ACORN, the unions, the trial lawyers.

You can either keep taking it and taking it and taking it. Or you can vote this egregious lot out in 2010.

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