Monday, September 21, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Sowing ACORN's Seeds of Destruction

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ACORN's Seeds of Destruction: Post
ACORN scandal puts Bachmann in the spotlight: SC Times
Obama endorses 'choice and competition': AT (Wright)

Graph o' the day: AT (Hoven)
A Head Rolls at the NEA: Big Hollywood
IRS sniffing around ACORN's books: AT (Moran)

Hannah's Dad debunks ACORN's charges: Prairie
What not to wear at an MOH ceremony: GWP
All of the nasty things the GOP says: DBB

Health care debate angers seniors: Times
Great moments in ACORN history: SIGIS

Pregame Report: The NEA Conference Call: Big Hollywood
The Truth is Toxic to Them: TAB


Line o' the Day: InstaPundit
Is a mandate a tax increase?: JOM
Detroit media talks up the fun-cession: BlogProf

SEIU Leader Sentenced to 25 Years for Child Molestation: GWP
ACORN’s Unseen Victims, Its Own Workers: BigGov
Think of it as the world's biggest economic jumper cables: FairTax


Newsweek: Is your baby racist?: AmDig
Breitbart Promises New Bombshell from “Left Field”: Patterico
ABC to Obama: What about ACORN's apparent support for child slavery sex rings?: Jawa

Let's hear it for George: Wizbang
NY Times: Conservative Talk Radio Is Like Gangsta Rap: GWP
Sheer crazy from Media Matters: Wizbang

Administration looks to nationalize newspapers: Big Lizards
Obama appears open to a newspaper bailout bill: Hill
Will on 'Liberal McCarthyism': 'When In Doubt, Blame Racism': NewsBusters

Science proves... Maureen Dowd is a Racist: AT (Lewis)
NY Times reports on Edwards scandal in the nick of time: PJM (Simon)

Climate & Energy

Carbon offset kiosk at SFO sells carbon credits at 60 times the market rate: Watts
Today's protests from around the world: SondraK


Obama Foreign Policy Advisor: US Should Shoot Down Israeli Jets: GWP
The threat to Rifqa Bary in context: TAB
Sweden slashes income taxes to promote job growth: Fausta

Belgium's Death Rattle Eeyore
Apostasy and the Islamic Nations: AT (Bostom)


One step closer to Hollywood; one step closer to George Clooney: Fetch my flying monkeys
Pre-Emptive Usage of Hillary Condemned: LGF
What it takes to become America's next top model: Cracked

Ask Hillary: Parkway
The Obameter: Threat Conditions with a smile!: Anticrat

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