Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: The Liberal Media is Dying because Propaganda is Dull

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O'Keefe to ACORN: So Sue Me: Hot Air
The Patriot Tsunami: Bubba
Senate strips ACORN of federal funding: Hot Air

Investigating the Black Panther Case: Corner
Third time on the ACORN hooker-advisory train: Red State
March on Washington: How big was the crowd?: PJM (Martin)

As Constitution Day nears, states mull options to limit DC: USR
Behind Holder's Black Panther Dismissal: PJM (Rubin)
9/12: I was there. I know what happened.: Jane Q.

9/12 Report from El Cajon, California: InstaPundit
Upset may be brewing in Florida: Tackett
Murdered pro-life activist: Obama finally weighs in: BlogProf


Palin was right: Rangel seeks $540B tax increase: Texas4Palin
Teachers forced to give $1.3M to ACORN: Examiner
Meltdown: a Book Review on the Financial Collapse: GM's Place

Time for IRS to review all ACORN-prepared tax filings: AT (Feldman)
Obama aide clashes with immigrant groups over e-Verify: Times
Can New Jersey Reverse Course?: Mercatus

AP Again Erroneously Cites Cost of Wars As Deficit Increase Factor: BizzyBlog
ACORN: Hey, Maybe This Isn't The Best Time to Ask, But If You Have Another $6 Million Handy...: Ace
Calling out Obama's bogus health care anecdotes: Malkin


Accountability Killed the Media Star: Breitbart
Even media griping about Obama's disengenuous health care rhetoric: GOPleader
Press accuracy hits two decade low: BlogProf

Time to convene a death panel: for old media: BrutHon
According to MoDo, we are all racists now: GrandRants

Climate & Energy

Media Charged with Performing 'Climate Porn' on Arctic Ice Shipping Claims: Depot


Yon with the Pedros: Yon
U.S. may face 9/11-scale threat from Venezuela: Timmerman
Why Not Victory?: Kesler

Hijab (The Headscarf)—Yes; The Burqa—No: PJM (Chesler)
Afghanistan's female police recruits: Pupista


Propose a new name for ACORN: Ace
I finally agree with Obama!: Another Black Conservative
The strange, inside story of Gaston Glock: Maggie's Farm

Boob Czar meets Czar of Transparency: InstaPundit

"The Dinosaur Media is losing money, viewers and readers hand over fist. The reason they’re folding or on life support isn’t because there aren’t enough left-of-center Americans to keep them in business, it’s because, like everyone else, liberals don’t want to sit in a choir and be preached to. They want information. They want to know what’s going on in the world.

Our liberal friends may not like hearing Van Jones, the NEA and ACORN are under fire, but they still want to know. What a disappointing revelation it must be to open the New York Times or turn on the network news only to discover after the curtain has already fallen that one of Obama’s Czars was forced to resign or that the U.S. Census Bureau let ACORN go.

The liberal media is failing for the exact same reason a dozen-plus anti-war films flopped: propaganda is dull."   -- Andrew Breitbart

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