Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: It's not a tax BECAUSE I SAID SO

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Taxpayer-funded Serve.gov funnels recruits to ACORN: BigGov
Health mandate is not a tax BECAUSE I SAID SO: Patterico
ACORN? Who knew?: WSJ (Fund)

Gleichschaltung and the NEA: PJM (Kimball)
‘Department of Alternative Thinking’ Proposed: BigWood
42% of Uninsured Do Not Approve of Obamacare: GWP

Astroturfing the NEA: Winner & Associates involved: Jawa
Race Card Played in Virginia Governor's Race?: RSM
"I didn't even know that ACORN was...": InstaPundit

Chaos, destruction expected from moonbats in Pittsburgh: STACLU
What's Up, Doc?: PJM (Fernandez)
If I could amend the Constitution: Greenroom


SEIU president Andy Stern’s culture of corruption: Malkin
Another Big Labor Operative in White House has ACORN ties: BigGov
ACORN 'makes Enron look simple': Bloomberg

BofA is ACORN ‘Partner’ and Major Funder: NLPC
Unable To Sell Homes, Brokers Turn To Arson: Insider
The week that was... long, long ago: Zero Hedge

Find The Difference - Why Ponzi Finance Fails: Denninger
Obama fund-raiser charged in $290 million fraud: GWP
Chronicles of Government Efficiency: 2-Year SSD backlog in Detroit: BlogProf


Grading What They Asked the One: Surber
Obama “happy to look at” newspaper bailout bill: Hot Air
The propaganda of Time Magazine covers: ABC

What, Me ACORN?: Ace
Pics from Milwaukee Tea Party: InstaPundit
Response to a subscription offer from the New York Times: Varones

Why is the Left so angry at Blacks who love America?: AT (Marcus)
A Roundup of the NEA Propaganda Scandal: Lane
Check Out All The Grassroots Supporters Of ObamaCare: STACLU

Climate & Energy

Scientists pull an about face on global warming: Calgary Herald
Fact-checking Friedman: France's Radioactive Waste Issues: RBO


Barack Obama ready to slash US nuclear arsenal: Guardian (UK)
ACME Anti-War Protest Co.: Crittenden
Obama Doctrine: Force Friends to Cave; Bribe Enemies: Rubin

U.N. to U.S.: you should be more green, like China: Gormogons
The (Iranian) Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Ledeen
U.K. healthcare epiphany: You know, we should really be encouraging more old people to off themselves: BlogProf


Good luck! Microsoft's secret plans to kill Apple revealed: BizInsider


Crash Test: 2009 Chevy Malibu vs. 1959 Chevy Bel-Air: IIHS (Vid)
Joy of Blondiehood: BrutHon
Anchorman: the Legend of Ernie Anastos: Varones (Caution: language warning)

FOUND: Bush White House NEA Conference Call Transcript: BigWood

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