Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: ACORN and the Roots of a Scandal

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ACORN: the roots of a scandal: MonCrief
Liar's Poker: Wizbang
Full, unedited sting video: ACORN San Bernardino: Hot Air

Likely voters overwhelming disapprove of ObamaCare: Rubin
The Science Behind the ACORN Sting: BigGov (Giles)
Teachers forced to fund ACORN through NEA union dues: TUE

ObamaCare's big problem: the Constitution: AT (Lifson)
61-27, Americans favor fixing Medicare fraud first: RCP
Video: Rep. Stark (D) Called Bush Liar On House Floor, Twice: GWP

Rise of the Uncouth: Hanson
Is Obama's top adviser going down?: Riehl
The Left's New Enemies: 'Tenthers': AT (Fitzgibbons)

The White House: New Home of the Whopper: PJM (Kimball)


The Uselessness of Paul Krugman: PJM (Yates)
Boehner, Cantor, Camp to IRS: Sever ACORN Ties Now: BigGov
U.S. Economic Freedom Rank Slips Under Obama: AT (Moran)


What's missing from the NYT's coverage of ACORN: Malkin
Andrew Breitbart as the new Don Hewitt: Wizbang
What do you mean, 'where is Sarah'?: Lamb

Howard Kurtz: You're All Racist Because No One Ever Tried to Delegitimize a President Before: Ace
NPR on ACORN: hard core bigotry of low expectations: BigGov
Hey, David Brooks: Who does this sound like?: Rubin

Mark Levin book sells a million copies; never reviewed by NYT or WaPo: CNS
Breitbart: the American People are the Fourth Estate: InstaPundit
Michael Moore Leads ‘Million Pound March’ in Pittsburgh: Powers

Climate & Energy

Internal Treasury Memos debunk Obama: Cap & Tax Could Cost Americans $100 to $200 Billion Annually: Ace
WANTED: Carbon Criminals: Junk Science


Report: NYC terror plot was/is on scale of 9/11: Hot Air
Iranian Regime Behind Plot to Blow Up World's Tallest Building: 45 Arrested: GWP
Goldstone Report: a Warning to Israel: Muqata

Terrorist Killed In 'Stan By Poor Craftsmanship & Inability To Get Good Tax Advice From ACORN But Mostly Poor Craftsmanship: Ace
Diluting Meaningful Data, EU-style: Fausta
Europe: Land of Cosmic Justice: Corner

Modern Leftism as Recycled Fascism: Ray
Still Fighting, Iranians Prepare For a Massive Demonstration on Friday: PJM (Ledeen)


The $150 Space Camera: MIT Students Beat NASA On Beer-Money Budget: Wired
White House collecting Web users' data covertly: Times


5 Popular Zombie Survival Tactics (That Will Get You Killed): Cracked
ACORN Now Developing Anti-Fraud Program Called 'Know Your Ho': RSM

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