Saturday, September 26, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: America's Relativist-in-Chief

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America's Relativist-in-Chief: AT (Joyce)
The Fall of the House of ACORN: Doc Zero
Schoolhouse Sharia: Investors

Anxious to cross “Vote for a black president” off the to-do list: Steyn
Death Panels By Proxy: Power Line
It's the trust factor, honey: AT (Shiver)

Baucus: too difficult to put health bill online: BlogProf
Go to jail -- go directly to jail: AT (Regan)
Gitmo guru plays fall guy as closure stalls: Aces

ObamaCare violators will face up to one year in jail: GWP
Dear Cicero: WashReb
"Our Time Has Come": Times

A referendum on Obama looms in VA: AT (Lifson)


Study: Regulation costs California economy half a trillion: Morrissey
Visualizing The Upcoming Treasury Funding Crisis: Zero Hedge
Democrats Are Jarred by Drop In Fundraising: Lane


Rush on Leno: Hot Air
Michelle Malkin misspells Raaaaacist: RSM
Is the Left-Wing Hoping for Violence?: LegalIns

Lying about the public option with polls: LegalIns
America's Supermodel at the G-20: JWF
It isn't racism to call Leonard Pitts a despicable loon: BlogProf

When you need Bill Ayers to ghost-write your first book for you: RSM

Climate & Energy

On Climate: Fisking Paul Krugman: OpenMarket
Can Paul Krugman Read?: Planet Gore
Eh, which should you fear?: TAB


Bond: 'We Need A Little Less Talk, A Lot More Action': Corner
Afghans tell McChrystal: Kill the Enemy: Prairie
Death of Britain Watch, Part LXXII: Ace

President Pantywaist Restores Satellite States to Their Former Owner: GWP
This time he really means it: Power Line
In Afghanistan, let U.S. troops be warriors: Examiner

Congressional Research Service: Zelaya Ouster Was Legal: AT (Feldman)
An Undemocratic Tide in the Americas: Gingrich
Turks Breach Security Around Obama Limo: Asbarez


Hosting your Windows 7 Launch Party: Microsoft (Vid)


Twitteleh: MCJohnsonFilms
Obligatory SNL Beck Parody: Hot Air
GM Supports The Arts To Make Political Statements: GM's Place (NSFW)

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