Thursday, September 17, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: 'A racist: anyone who's winning an argument with a liberal'

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Feldman's Law: AT (Feldman)
ObamaCare divides and conquers... Democrats: Surber
'A racist: anyone winning an argument with a liberal': AmDig

2 of 3 physicians oppose ObamaCare: GWP
There's reality... and there's reality-based: JOM
ObamaCare fees: feel the hope and change?: STACLU

The Best Little Whorehouse in San Bernardino: Fausta
Barack Dangerfield looking for respect: AT
ACORN's new excuse: AT (Arenas)

'Why I am a racist': AT (Benoit)
Carter proves his critics correct, chapter 909: Gormogons
Race Card: Crittenden


SEIU: one of the pillars of the ACORN family: BigGov
Up to 45% of doctors to retire if ObamaCare passes: IBD
Boeing employees vote to disband union: Post & Courier

Obama revives welfare as we used to know it: Ace
President Obama - still working for ACORN?: Gormogons
Democrat Epiphany: Let's Fund Kids Who Work for ACORN!: BlogProf

It's all about the economy: AT (Hoven)
GAO: Guaranties made Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac worse: Surber
Democrats approve spending millions on Stimulus road signs: Times


Interview with Hannah Giles: BlogProf
The Future of News Reporting: Riehl
Dontcha know? Only the Right's Signs Are Worth Covering: NewsBusters

Johnnies-on-the-spot NYT and NPR finally react to ACORN: Surber
Maxine Waters: Hey, You Know Who The Media Should Investigate?: Ace
Lots of the news that's fit to print: JOM

Howard Kurtz: You're Racists 'Cuz No One Insulted a President Before: Ace
CBS, NBC Finally Catch Up to ACORN Scandal; Express Sympathy for the Left-Wing Group: NewsBusters
This post is dedicated to socialists of every stripe: OneCos

LA Times finally finds commie-like iconography: STACLU

Climate & Energy

Our Bizarre Science Czar, John Holdren: Zombie


Shameful: Obama Surrenders to Russia, Snubs US Allies, Scraps Euro Missile Defense: GWP
You wish it were Carter II: Ace
Former IDF Defense Chief: We May Have to Attack Iran by December: JPost

Obama will allow Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Gaddafi, Castro into US, but ban Honduras: GWP
Breaking the law to engage Iran: Tobin
Come to Denmark -- our Women are Easy: Surber


Jon Stewart on ACORN scandal: The Audacity of Ho's: Daily Show

"We probably should mention that in this brief excerpt [from San Diego], the ACORN employee offers advice on the best way to smuggle 13-year-old girls into the United States to serve as sex slaves. For this, ACORN has received tens of millions of dollars in federal aid, plus much more from many states. Under current legislation, some say ACORN could stand to get billions. Of our tax dollars. This would seem to be the ultimate test of whether our political system is so hopelessly corrupt that anyone--absolutely anyone, however useless and criminal--can sign up to steal your money, via the federal government. Right now, the spigot is open, and ACORN is getting your money. If you don't like that, tell your Congressman." -- John Hinderaker, Power Line

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